What Car Do You Drive/Own?

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written by owen on 2006-Jan-22.

I'm pretty much still thinking of buying a old 99 hb honda civc. Really. I've been searching so long I don't car anymore. Whatever needs to be fixed hopefully will be fixable.

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  1. I drive a cool red Ford Fiesta 1.8 diesel. It's tractor-like engine makes it a very easy ride in traffic jams. It absorbes a lot of punishment, and is very forgiving. Dispite its looks, i love it.

    by Hayo 2006-Jan-23 

  2. Actually, I drive a '99 Honda Accord. I love it. It drives like a dream... a large part of the reason for that is the lowering I had done on it, and the coil over springs in it... yow, it drives like it rides on tracks. I have never had that car skid on me, never. Don't knock '99 Hondas, mi bredrin.

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jan-23 

  3. 98 Integra, 'matic, 4WD....

    wouldn't mind changing it this year....

    by doctord 2006-Jan-23 

  4. @mb when you say lowered how low in inches are you talking? well the roads in endz might be but better than in JA

    by owen 2006-Jan-23 

  5. I am not sure how much it was lowered. They dropped it until the fender was maybe 1 inch above the tire and I told them to raise it back by one inch, so it is about two inches above the tire... Owen, fer shure, the roads over here are much better than in Jamaica, but they do have people lowering cars in Jamaica too...

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jan-24 

  6. '03 Toyota Echo--maybe called Yaris in JA

    by Gods Child 2006-Jan-24 

  7. montero sport 2002, on a good day :)

    by alex13 2006-Jan-24 

  8. i used to own two bmw's. the one for winter snow i lost to an accident, and now i just own the convertible.

    i am looking to get a 2003 325i though.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jan-24 

  9. doesn't it cost like a shit load a money?

    by owen 2006-Jan-24