Mean Old Man

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written by owen on 2023-Feb-09.

Before the event you tend to have a clearer mind to what you plan to do when the time comes.  it is hard to bring this level of clarity with you when eventually you cross over. The most you can do is hope you remember some of it.  The "feel" you had back then before everything changed.  That is one reason why I try to write things down as much as possible. You can only be in one place at a time - its something about physics.

I try not to repeat myself more than I need to and when I do I catch myself sometimes in the moment.  Other times after the fact.  The way I see it doing the same thing over and over is a waste of the precious little time you have.  Even if you are casually hanging out you should be hanging out in a direction towards the sun so that you dry quickly.  Or reach perfection with time left over to enjoy it.

Everybody has a struggle.  Sometimes 1, or 2 or more but the struggle is always there.  Struggle is real. I cannot say this often enough; you have to embrace your struggle.  Snuggle up with it in a bathtub of bubbly with candles and your favourite book.  Some solutions are simple and easy to find.  Some easy solutions will just give you more problems, end up being traps or worst yet kill you.  "Shortcut draw blood" is the old saying.

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