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written by owen on 2022-Dec-20.

There are always new levels of drama.  You think you have seen it all but there is something around the corner.  Highs and lows. Days of our lives. Just going to bed at night with nothing on your mind is an achievement.  This is one of the reasons I try not to want anything.  I have everything I need, it's the things you want that get you into trouble.  Where you are is the best place to be and as time rolls you on, pushing you somewhere else you guide the ship as the rocks call to you.  You need to listen.
Some things exist because of how they are in relation to other things.  They cannot exist without each other.  Or they exist in a simpler way that lacks meaning but you are not sure why.  It is the nature of how the world is, everything just keeps turning and if you wait long enough everything goes by and comes back a round.  A plastic bottle flows down a river with no control over its destiny.  There is nothing it can do.  You can never be your full self.

Not enough time in the day to keep track of all the social media news.  I am old and far sighted so I want to keep whatever I have left before I need to wear glasses.  Its a game of rationing.  I will try to push out as many ideas as I can before I become so jaded that I simply give up on creating new stuff altogether.  Not enough time, hands or money to do everything.  I have been on the internet so long that all these new forms of internet communication are things that I avoid.  I am always online but never online at the same time.  Talking takes too much.

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