June 2021

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written by owen on 2021-Jun-02.

Welcome back. New host, Domain transfered (took 6 days). Updated some code from PHP 5.6 to 7.4 over the past 2 months. Switched from mysql to mysqli. Gonna spend the rest of the month fixing all the sub projects to ensure that they still work on the new server.

Stuff I did

  • The website design is mostly the same. Too much other work to do.

  • I have changed most of the page navigation links to count in reverse order. This is a bold move as I have never seen it on a blog before but I will explain the thinking behind it at some point. basic idea is that pages never change after they are created. This change to the navigation is not without sideffects. At some point the main page will have 1 single post item until another post is added. Originally this would happen at the tail but now it is visible all the time. You have to give to get.
  • Published a new game called NewoZero and wrote a postmortem before the site crash.
  • My mysqli layer has a cache bug that revealed itself in the wii leaderboards and the blog itself has a cache bug. cache bugs all the way down.
  • The search project broke. The new server has more RAM available for stuff like this and my new 64bit home computer should be able to do a better crawl this time around. I need to change it to a sequential file read instead of loading the whole file into memory at one time.
  • Another issue I had with the new webserver is that it kept trying to upgrade all my http traffic to https for some strange reason. I have a web traffic that comes from older devices like the nintendo wii so I had to dig into the server configuration to turn that stuff off.

Other stuff

  • add stuff here

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