KFC line

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photos by owen on 2021-May-19.

I joined a KFC line just to take pictures. This is a line in Portmore Mall, St. Catherine. The lines are worse on weekends but lately you cannot really tell what day it will be. Covid has really increased the level of determination and resilience that is needed to stay in a line like this. I took some pictures and ducked out like I was late for something.

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  1. I have a saying. Any business that makes you wait outside to give them your money doesn't deserve it. KFC could easily put the cashiers at the outside windows and take the orders. Customer service in Jamaica is so horrible.

    by Anonymous123 2021-Dec-29 

  2. Covid protocols about how many people you can have ubzide the buolding. There are people inside but i just took pictures and left the scene.

    by owen 2021-Dec-29