Sep 2020 - Changelog

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written by owen on 2020-Sep-14.


I have updated the softnews project adding a little icon beside youtube links so that you can see right away which links are video and which are text blogs.  There is a growing flood of video content and it's becoming annoying.  There is always a delay in posting stories; because every feed is not checked everyday but when I check a feed late and I miss something that was posted the day before I now bold the item so that when you are scrolling down the page it is more noticable.  I probably forgot a few changes.


On the leader board I have added a New vs Old player chart to show the ratio between players that have set scores for the first time versus those that have set scores in a prior time.  I have also reduced the historical charts to the last 15 Months instead of 18 so that the labels have a better fit.


Got a new camera after 6 years of owning my old point and shoot.  And with a new camera comes a whole new photo category called "Street Photography".  This new category should prove to be an interesting look into street life in Jamaica.  Most of the pictures will be candid and probably in black and white.  The main goal of the project will be to find interest in mondaine everyday places.  Most times we end up traveling to find interests outside of where they live. This new photo category is extreme staycation.  Once I start uploading you will see what I am talking about.  I already have 3 weeks of photos to upload.  The new camera is fast and the quality has increased 4x.  

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