November 2017 bug fixes

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written by owen on 2017-Nov-26.

I think I have squashed all the bugs now. 90% of the page font is default size which is masterful. 10 years ago I would never have thought it could be done.

Change log;

  • Fixed a longstanding bug in pagecache that so that any user can rebuild the cache once they make a change. Instead of just admin users.
  • Redid the profile edit page with new autoform
  • Fixed layout problems with registration screen
  • Messed around with how user profile pics are stored.
  • Reduced number of questions asked during registration interview to 5
  • Fixed the pg gallery so that the older small images do not get stretched to fill the screen space
  • When editing posts/items the photo grid shows up as expected (long standing bug) in both views
  • sitemap fixed
  • archive photo page fixed and new link added.
  • Fixed the search page and some date output bugs that were left over from when I was thinking about React.
  • The full sidebar only shows up on page one of pages that have navigation

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