1. I cut my own hair [as often as I want].

    by hassan voyeau 2009-May-22 

  2. Show off!

    by Mad Bull 2009-May-23 

  3. i have a cut off ur entire head....:P

    by Jamila 2009-May-23 

  4. I don't see how that will solve anything

    by owen 2009-May-23 

  5. why does a woman trim cost more?

    by Gods Child 2009-May-26 

  6. I don't really know, I imagine that you have to take more care when trimming a woman

    by owen 2009-May-26 

  7. where is the eyebrow pice?

    by Dutty 2009-Jun-01 

  8. I think it falls under "line"

    by owen 2009-Jun-02