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written by owen, 2003-Sep-9

I went to the 3rd anual jamaica consumer electronics show last saturday. I didn't buy anything though. I was too pre-occupied by the fact that I didn't have any money.
The net ball team had just lost a game. And I was there looking at uptown girls, flat screen televisions and latin dancers doing the "log on" dance. I saw a few people, watched The Matrix again. Not entirely because there wasn't much space to park. Besides the djs, load music and andell, everything was pretty much in the same place as it was the previous year of the event.
I wasn't disappointed though. It was well done. Not like I had anything better to do anyway.

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Quotes » jeffcroft on getting an ipod

Well, I did it. I bit the bullet and purchased a 30GB Apple iPod.'s cool as hell. I partially paid for it by ripping all of my CDs to my computer, and then selling them. Now, all those CDs are in the plam of my hand on my iPod. Sure, the moral/legal implications are offensive, but when did I ever claim to have morals?

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Quotes » dooce on boobs

My boobs are perhaps the most glaring side effect of second trimester pregnancy. I marvel at them daily, primarily because I’ve always wanted boobs, more than I ever wanted Malibu Barbie or front row tickets to a Debbie Gibson concert. If the 11-yr old Heather had known that the pregnant 28-yr old Heather was going to have so much glorious boobage, the 11-yr old Heather never would have worn that poorly designed padded bra for so many months

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Can you go back in time to kill your parents?


  • You build time machine

  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

If you kill your parens then you will never be born

  • You were not alive to build time machine
  • You were not alive to go back in time
  • You were not alive to kill your parents

If your parents aren't killed then you will be born
  • You build time machine
  • You go back in time
  • You kill your parents

written by CKnight, 2003-Sep-4, Answer this question16

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Do you believe in love?


written by Tracy, 2003-Sep-2, Answer this question15

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