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What do you do with your money?

satisfy my technolust.

written by owen, 2003-Aug-28, Answer this question4

Nicola answered: I put it back on my money tree ... read 3 more

ChangeLog » erase and rewind

written by owen, 2003-Aug-26

My harddrive died last saturday. It seems as though I was never ment to have 3 harddrives in my machine - all at the same time. A clicking sound beset the ill-fated magnetic disk device. Over a year's worth of downloads, pictures and assorted wave files. I am not sad though, even though my computer can't boot. I needed to clean my inbox. Not the best way to do it but anyway the milk has dried.
I'll have to buy a new harddrive, format and begin anew. None permanent media sucks.

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ChangeLog » california dreaming

written by owen, 2003-Aug-23

I've being trying to think up new and unique sections to add to the site resently. It appears every thing interesting has already being done, reported on, displayed, modified and discussed. I seem to have pulled a blank with it comes to ideas. :(


  • I need some ideas for new content. Anybody got any ideas?
  • I got a 80 gig hard drive. :)
  • I'm not mad at the whole avatar thing. Really I'm not.

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What would you do if you were invisible?

Not only transparent but untouchable as well. Wait I am am invisible - technically. :|

written by owen, 2003-Aug-21, Answer this question120

AainaalyaA answered: I already am invisible/invincible ;-) .. wait.. what's that mole doing on your back? has it been there since birth, or did you just "developed" it out of curiosity? AA ... read 119 more

Guestbook » yu nuh have nutten beta fi do?

written by natin, 2003-Aug-19

web site look good, too bad it is much ado about nothing

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owen commented: Actually I do but being pointless is much more fun. Most everything you do is pointless anyhow. I just choose to have a website about it. ... read 8 more