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Logbook » movies women and banktellers

written by owen, 2003-Dec-8

Did you ever notice how some of the hottest women always work in banks? What do they do all day? Count money? Probably, but I can never tell.
I have realised that I have been spending enormous amount of my time on my computer, playing video games, watching reality shows or sleeping. Which leads me to question why I'm not out in the world, complaining about something, burning cds, buying autoparts, gifts, going on dates with as many women as possible or getting into ridiculous amount of debt.
I have been watching the IFC since recently. Independent films have a way of having weird unexpected endings. Unlike main stream movies, which are in fact crap and exist only for the entertainment of the masses. The masses whom which would riot if not meaningfully occupied. The ma-trix was not a bad movie - really it wasn't. Sleep walk, Crush, Girlfight, the samurai movies from 1962 are good too.
So what have I learned this week? Never hit on the women that work in your bank - no matter how cute they are. Off-season hurricanes may produce a little rain but they don't do didly much else. It is humanly impossible to beat some of the missions in in fzero-GX. New banktellers will most likely get you into trouble, especially if you are "suspicious looking".        Maybe I should get a hair cut. Life without snow is good.

in other news

mike might still need $5.95

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shade commented: heh, your lifestyle sounds a lot like mine. i need a job. i alos need a haircut. i can put my fringe in my mouth now. life without snow is good. why is it that (seemingly) ninety five percent of webloggers have their seasons around the WRONG way. damn it's hot ... read 21 more

Guestbook » Australia

written by jess, 2003-Dec-2

Nice site! i'm not sure how i ended up here, i have a habit of clicking stuff i dont understand! but, anyway! nice site!

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owen commented: you came from [url][caption]shade's site[/url], clicked 5 links and spent exactly 1 minute: 50 seconds. hmmm.... I have to change this section to something else but I don't know what. Something that serves a greater purpose than what it does now. [big]got any ideas?[/big] ... read 14 more

Logbook » my shirt has a cellphone

written by owen, 2003-Dec-1

Hopefully I'll get some rest this time around. The tv commercials, music and newspaper ads have all gone red. I'm not planning on buying anything this month either - unless of course I'm suckered into it. This month makes little difference being that I'm not a regular gift giver.
I'm not buying myself anything either, I would have premeditatedly bought it already or have had no money to buy it now (or ever). I'm not going to watch any commercial media either . They seem to be mass brainwashing everybody into buying cellular telephones. Everybody has a cell phone nowadays. It's a status symbol, a right of passage. Five year old children have cellphones more expensive than mine.
I have a cell phone. It's old, a bit heavy, doesn't vibrate or make coffee but it works. I don't need a new one - stop calling me! The T160 looks cool but I'm not to buy it! No matter how much free talk time I'm going to get. The fact that I can't wear my cellphone around my neck or take fussy little pictures with it. Doesn't make it any less effective. Why does anybody need polyphonic ringtones anyway? Is there not a limit on how long a ring tone can be?
When your cellphone rings - ANSWER IT! Stop disturbing my space with your noise-maker. Your don't have to make your phone ring 3 times! Go, go go go shorty it's your birthday.
Then you have the other set of women collecting cellphones numbers! I saw this chick in the club and she had seven "kevin"s in her address book. I mean seven(7)! I think they are all in a competion to see how fast a person can full out the 250 number limit. I mean why ask for a guy's cellphone number if your not secretly selling it to strange poeple? And that's another thing - I'm not going to call you. Don't add my number to your phone, I don't want your boyfriend calling me late night asking me stupid questions. They should add a section beside each phone number with "Number of times called".

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shade commented: i don't have a cellphone! i think i may be the last one of my species alive ... read 9 more

is it proper or permitted for any restaurant to mix decaf and regular coffee together

This incident happened at a casual restaurant. I seen the waitress mix the two coffee's together and I was very upset for numerous reasons. Health reasons being the most crictical reason.

written by flo, 2003-Nov-30, Answer this question4

shade answered: i don't drink coffee at all, but (i'm guessing here) wouldn't it taste weird? ... read 3 more

Logbook » Thoughts on becoming president

written by owen, 2003-Nov-22

I hope this website doesn't affect my chances of becoming president. I would hate to wake up one day, run for president and then some punk tells everybody that I had a blog and a website with pornography. Do you think people like george bush, pj paternson and bill clinton just wake up one day and decide to be president? - No it took years of planning! To think my 15 minutes of fame gone, simply because I knew how to write a little HTML.
From the day they left high school, the plan was to be perfect, never to do anything illegal and to kill absolutely all your rivals. Being rich also adds to the mix. But anyway the point is if there are people out there planning to blackmail me with my own website; I'm planning on using the insanity plea. Or better yet if / when I get old and perfect, I'd like to think that I'll have enough money to pay every body who has ever visited my website to shut up ok?
So in the event that I run president in like 40 years from now, I'd like to think that you'd vote for me and not be a playa hater.

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Mike commented: same goes for me...don't hate. Then again I can't see myself ever being the president. Or rich. ... read more