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why doesnt any thing i type get sent when i press the send button?

ive been trying to send my boyfriend an email but everytime i press send it stayz there wat is the matter???

written by Heather, 2003-Dec-27, Answer this question1

Does soccer teenager Cristiano Ronaldo have a girlfriend???

I want to know about him!!

written by AMY, 2003-Dec-27, Answer this question365

Jess answered: My friend keeps telling me cristiano is gay bt i dont think he is cud sum1 please tell me the truth??? ..................... luv u cristiano xxxxxxx ... read 364 more

what mp3 players have the most avilable space for a reasonable price 100 200 dollars

I was going to get one.

written by kyle, 2003-Dec-25, Answer this question4

owen answered: get an [url][caption]ipod[/url]. It may be expensive but there is simple nothing cooler. Plus you get to use itunes with it. The was also the rumor about a 100 dollar ipod. just keep praying. ... read 3 more

Logbook » happy holidays

written by owen, 2003-Dec-17

We had a house party on friday, well actually they had a house party and it happen to be at my house. Surprisingly only one causality who had to be brought home because she had a little too much to drink and a little too little to eat. Nobody was killed and nothing was stolen (yet to be discovered). On the menu were a couple cases of ice, 20 2 liter bottles of soda, chicken, rice and peas. Complete with a sound system banging out the latest dancehall music such as sean paul, elephant man, kartel, etc. It was quiet impossible to sleep during this altercation so I just sorta stood around, watched everybody and drank a liter of caffeinated soda. I didn't know anybody, wasn't much of a dancer, drinker or mingler so I slept through some of it. When the sleep failed I stood around trying to look as less of a nerd than usual.
Well if you don't see me - happy holidays to all. if I find a computer I'll post something next week - if not then it'll be the other week. Eat and avoid killing other people as much as possible. If push comes to shove - shoot in the legs as many times as necessary.
I have some new sections planned for 2k4. In the mean time I like to wish all readers and everybody else a happy whatever you celebrating time.

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shade commented: yaya, happy everything owen! ... read more

Quotes » Sarah on the capture of Saddam Hussein

This wonderful news is almost surreal.

The Iraqi people, their future leaders, our soldiers, the countries bordering Iraq, and the world, are all safer today. He's murdered almost a million people in his 25 years, and now, he's history.

Praise the Lord!!

"We are good, they are evil, NOTHING is relative." -Thomas Friedman


Link Item 58 by owen 2003-Dec-16 add comment 3

Yara Badday commented: The Iraqi's are not safer, as the evil presence of Saddam is now replaced with that of the US. Also Saddam never had a chance of returning to his position as dictator of Iraq after the war, the only reson why he had lasted as long as he did was because he was supported by the US, when that support was taken away he didnt have a chance in hell. The caputure of Saddam is meaningless, except that it probably helped Bush get er-elected. ... read 2 more