1. I already am invisible/invincible ;-) .. wait.. what's that mole doing on your back? has it been there since birth, or did you just "developed" it out of curiosity?


    by AainaalyaA 2003-Aug-21 

  2. what do you mean

    by jack 2007-Feb-11 

  3. What do you
    mean there's a mole on my back

    by Olivia 2016-Feb-18 

  4. What I would do ?

    First of all I would think of most beautiful women and try to get into
    their bedrooms and choose a choice of my girl and pursue her and ejoy the rest until I develop another interesting to do after that.

    Make sense ? Probably the next thing that I would is social service a genuine one. To help many who are in need.

    by Mr. Nice 2003-Aug-26 

  5. wat will u go and do in the beautifulwomens house

    by pinky 2006-Nov-09 

  6. hi iam pooja and you have no sence .how can you write this. every body understands

    by pooja 2010-Jul-18 

  7. cheap idea about girls

    by tashi 2011-Nov-13 

  8. spy on people, go see movies for free, stuff like that.

    by Faith 2003-Sep-12 

  9. u guys suck like hell:P
    u guys cant think straight jerks

    by niki 2009-Nov-30 

  10. It would be awesome, if i were invisible i would apply some other mutant powers to myself and be able to shoot energy out of my hands, and i'd hurt my friend ben first, and then become the invisble king of the world.

    by Matt 2003-Dec-19 

  11. then thermal imaging would fuck you up.

    by Reality 2012-May-21 

  12. If I were invisible I would look for a way to be visible again.

    by Pablo 2004-Apr-30 

  13. [friendly]why would u dothat for how would you turn back to normal

    by jack 2007-Feb-11 

  14. Why u r thnkng of becoming visible again......being invisible is a vry gud opportunity.

    by antra 2012-Nov-01 

  15. I would go around and look at different girls titties and then rub on them, and make them confused because they think they are getting horny for no damn reason.

    by poopy 2004-May-15 

  16. Itz damn Fuckin Idea dude!

    by Jenniferv( emo luver ) 2010-Mar-02 

  17. are you stupid

    by ammu 2011-Jan-24 

  18. I would go into fansy restaruants and stick my dick in people drinks. I would go to football games and knock the ball out of the QB's hand right before a throw. Eat for Free.

    by Sanchez 2004-Aug-02 

  19. id stand by traffic lights and continuosly press the button to change them red.hahahahahahahaha.

    by moomin papa 2004-Dec-02 

  20. i would contemplate what to do whilst invisbility takes hold over my whole body of thought and minds of penis liver... Word!

    by Craig Fallenstein 2005-May-23 

  21. I would investigate the consequences ofmaterial bollocks of little kiddies and their apetite for destructive patterns of theological naturistic aspects of futuristic BOLLOCKS! Once investigation is complete i will then determine whether or not or maybe so i am as some would call..... BENT.

    by craig fallenstein 2005-May-23 

  22. this was the topic of our essay... i´ve written: if i were invisble, i would clone myself and create an army of invisible/invincible clones. I would be the HEAD of that army and everyone would have to obey my rulez :) and there would be peace and prosperity...

    by rapa 2005-Jun-01 

  23. what a bad idea rapa;

    by honey 2012-Oct-25 

  24. if i would be invisible i would rob a bank with millions of money & transfer it into my swiss account .

    by Arya 2005-Sep-12 

  25. If I were invisible I would start a secret service in which I would spy on supposed cheating husbands and wives and end pointless marriages. I would get the insider information on trading. Start a governmental secret agent service in which I would find all the infamous people of the world who caused harm upon many innocent people and turn them in for a huge reward. Spy on my ex boyfriends for sure.

    by princess 2006-May-09 

  26. if i were invisible i would go to all cine stars house and see wat they do

    by dolly 2006-Nov-09 

  27. i read all d points, bt i found al f dem as repeated. Bt dis 1 was a nic thought......

    by alisha 2010-Dec-13 

  28. very bad

    by princi 2011-Nov-02 

  29. there is no house yet dear

    by reshu 2013-Jan-13 

  30. means wt u want ??

    by reshu 2013-Jan-13 

  31. assuming that i can turn the power on and off...
    id go to all my favorite shops and take whatever i want!


    by me 2007-Feb-13 

  32. amazing i would have given you a company for sure if i would have been invisible

    by cheekoo 2011-Dec-05 

  33. So... Owen, you not going back to the way things used to be, Rasta?

    by Mad Bull 2007-Feb-14 

  34. i can't change it while i'm away on vacation. it the meantime click 'recent' in the menu.

    by owen 2007-Feb-15 

  35. I was going to say,
    "I know you're in there, I can hear you breathing"

    okay, I'm going to bed now. The tiredness is starting to show.

    by Gods Child 2007-Feb-16 

  36. wow u guys are helpful

    by rapa 2008-Jun-05 

  37. if i would be invisible i will go for a tour to all the places i want to for free then i will go to the cadburys company to sneak some chocolates .i will robe the bank and i will take some money for my leaving and the rest i will give to the poor people i see somany abboiters going i will help them out.because of the terrorist attack the whole world is under pandemonium i will kill the terrorist for a month or two i will be enjoying this not for too long .who doesn't like show there presence

    by mazza 2008-Aug-06 

  38. Vry Well said

    by Ravin 2012-Jul-10 

  39. [friendly]i would give a kiss to my crush

    by nisha 2008-Dec-27 

  40. i would not only kiss you i would sleep with you if u were my crush

    by xXx 2009-Aug-09 

  41. ya even i might do the same

    by shashi 2012-Sep-03 

  42. i would steal all the chocalate from the chocalate store

    by mitchell 2009-Nov-05 

  43. of course me to yaar

    by ruby 2012-Sep-27 

  44. i know they do becsue thats just dum what they had put

    by jayla 2011-Sep-22 

  45. i would love to watch all beautiful actresses bathing especially katrina kaif

    by cmp 2010-Apr-14 

  46. offence. Why don yueee do suymthio kinda useful......

    by Jane 2010-Jun-28 

  47. ARE MAD

    by BHAV 2011-Nov-05 

  48. i wud definately.............spy on people i lyk n thn carry on wid d rst of d nonsense..!

    by gunjn 2010-Apr-20 

  49. wtf u saddo

    by pavan nizzer 2010-Jun-23 

  50. Well, as I'm only 11, my imagionation hasn't fully developed, so you probably think these ideas are weird...
    1. I'd learn all the governments secrets...
    2.Steal the world cup trophy...!
    3.End all poverty.
    4.If I got bored (not likely) I'd cause chaos.
    5.Spy on my neighbours
    6.Steal a t.v so I can still watch

    by Anne 2010-Jun-28 

  51. Thats really! 'learn the governments secrets!" Too jokes...

    by Jane 2010-Jun-28 

  52. yes i agree with u pooja.
    these stupids don't have any other choices

    by anu 2011-Nov-09 

  53. Hi i m khushi and i think u r correct....these boys r littlebit crazy

    by antra 2012-Nov-01 

  54. i'll rob a bank and get rich mothafuka

    by gangsta 2010-Jul-25 

  55. i'd have people around me n i would be adventuring around as well

    by ashwin reg 2010-Aug-30 

  56. id go in to girls showers so i could see there boobs

    by DAman 2010-Oct-26 

  57. i would catch the thief and corrupt people and make india incredible.

    by iiii 2010-Nov-09 

  58. fooling,robing jest that

    by rike 2010-Dec-06 

  59. If i were inv. first i would stole money machine from which govt. makes money and will to all poor ppl who has no bread nd butter

    by Shaggei 2011-Jan-27 

  60. you are too kind & i can understand your feelings towards poor people it is good keep it up, but remember don't do it in this life b'coz you are not invisible...good luck

    by Shruti 2011-Feb-14 

  61. hello :)
    i would see cool boys in there bathroom .

    by sonu 2011-Jun-09 

  62. id get myself amped up with drugs from the hospital

    morphine diamorphine fentanyl and god knows what

    by zira 2011-Aug-01 

  63. if iwere invisible i will see the beutifuls girls in nude in her bathroomsome i will sex with her

    by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2011-Oct-10 


    by GOLU 2011-Oct-10 

  65. If I did have the power to be invisible...I would do whatever help I can to all those people I have hurt in the past..I would visit old age homes and listen to the loving souls who live there and try and get them whatever they desire secretly...I would be a soothing balm for all troubled and poor souls

    by Jayan 2011-Oct-16 

  66. i'll make ujjawl minee :P

    by swear 2011-Nov-05 

  67. sme cmnts r disgustng...dey dnt knw hw to behave

    by satrn 2011-Nov-05 

  68. Go JAYAN love your answer i've read to this question. I am writing a short essay on this topic and i can't believe all the silliness of people's minds. Boobs really? of all the things in the must be limited?

    by LuvdbyJESUS 2012-Jan-19 

  69. i think u like tht most
    male prostitute :P

    by priyanshu 2013-Jan-14 

  70. i cld go in2 d airplanes n ships, travel d world free of cost

    by tanmaya 2012-Jul-13 

  71. if u were my crush i will do the same as xxx

    by kiyaz 2012-Sep-04 


    by DIPU 2012-Oct-24 

  73. i will go in evry park freely

    by yome 2012-Nov-10 

  74. if i was invisible then i stole all dresses and choclets from the shop.........

    by by vvvvvvv 2012-Nov-28 

  75. if i was invisible then i help poor peoples and stole money from bank and distribute among my friends and poor childrens.

    by by vvvvvvv 2012-Nov-28 

  76. most f u hv such a bad mentality...... i wud help d poors instead of doin ol d stupid things lyk sum f u sed.....
    n i'll surely appreciate jayan 4 his nyc n kind thotzz.....

    by abc 2012-Dec-04 

  77. I wish to become invisible so that i escape from all the tensions of the life. enjoy roaming like free.i would tease my mother by ignoring her calls and to know unknown mystery of the world................

    by razan 2013-Dec-05 

  78. why theres no other thing to do other than something with girls.........

    by minu 2014-Feb-23 

  79. I would beat all scondrels who are doing and saying rubbish things with poor girls

    by fozan 2015-Feb-19 

  80. Very gd

    by Anonymous 2015-Jun-04 

  81. it would be awesome to be invisible. because we have seen in movies too how interesting it is.

    by vishnusree 2015-Jun-24 

  82. Well I would trick my parents because they always say can I put the heating on and I will say okay and then I would bang on the door and quickly run up and turn on the heating


    by Olivia 2016-Jan-06