Mars Attacks

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written by owen on 2003-Aug-14.

Ever notice how significant events seem to happen everyday? Which in fact will never happen again, ever. However meaningless it may be to you or anybody else. It just goes on and on and on - like internet radio.

Probably at this very moment some city somewhere is without their regular electricity supply or internet access.

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The wandering of the planets brings Mars closer to Earth this month than at any time in nearly 60,000 years. It will be a last-chance proposition for all alive today: Mars won't be as close again until August 28, 2287.

Article: Mars making closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years

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  1. I read this too late.

    by bill 2004-May-20 

  2. it should still be there especially since it took 30 years to get this close - it moving pretty slow.

    by Owen 2004-May-20