1. The first lost should actually be "loss"

    by Gods child 2011-May-17 

  2. HA! first occurrence of bad English on this site and it was not my fault! And to make matters worst it should be "CHARGED" not "charge".

    by owen 2011-May-17 

  3. On another note, UTECH needs more secuirty guards at the gate that can actually read. I went to a conference there, on entering the campus, the secuirty ask if we were thee for the conference and instructed us on where to park. We distinctively asked for a card and he said we didn't need one.

    After the conference we were stopped at the gate and asked for a card, we advised them we didn't get one on entering and we were sent to the office to pay a fine. That situation did not turn out well.

    by Tami 2011-Jun-08 

  4. wow! dat ruff!! reeeeeeeeeal ruff!!!!

    by Aurie 2011-Aug-09