January 2011 News Round Up

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written by owen on 2011-Jan-28.

Sometimes I read too much into things. I cannot tell if this is a good start to the year or not. (what)

This afternoon I was listening to the news on the radio and it was reported that the most wanted Dog Paw was captured in the presence of 2 females in Red Hills. The females were said to be graduates of a prominent university in Kingston. I guess it just goes to show that (having gone to a University)
university really doesn't teach you any life lessons and that Good Girls will always go for the Bad Boys. So it go.

The Gangs seems to be in turmoil. Lots of innocent people getting killed in the mix. I though(t) all the gunmen died in Tivoli during the Incursion and extradition of Dudus. I guess Dudus may in fact be just another one of the many unnamed gangsters waiting to made a person of interest.

Lawyers (are) charging $30,000 JMD per hour; its no wonder people have to demonstrate for "Justice" all the time. There is really no other way to attain it. Really I think they should block the road more often. Clearly only politicians can afford justice and SUVs to protect them in accidents. That dual citizenship lady must have been a hot girl in high school cause she has friends in high places. Accidents are bad overall and I mean, they are accidents but people keep driving and using their cellphones. If it is a female in the accident people assume she was sleeping, if it was a man then he was speeding on NOS. I guess stereotypes have a purpose. Condolances to all the families, I don't think this year will be under 300 deaths in car accidents.

I am really not going to say anything about Manatt, Phelps & Phillips except that everytime I hear it reference I hear rythme for Straight Jeans and Fitted in the back of my head. There is a live stream that you can watch online - not sure how exciting that would be but somebody will link it in the comments. These people need to have people watching over them at all times, why wait a whole year to investigate shit? They old, they probably done forgot how it went down.

Soon people will start striking for more pay again, even as the minimum wage gets a slight increase. there are bi easy ways to grow the economy, this will not be a come back year.

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  1. The Manhatt affair is getting drawn out, but it is reaching the climax. I can't wait to see KD Knight against Prime Minister Golding!

    by Falmouth Community 2011-Mar-08 

  2. that may take another 2 months of back and forth and "I cannot recall"s.

    by owen 2011-Mar-10