The price we have to pay

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written by owen on 2010-May-28.

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I was listening to Mutty on the radio this morning. He is saying that this is the price we have to pay. Its not looking good for Jamaica at all. At some point we have to forget about tourism and worry about what really matters: the people of Jamaica.

The jokes are building up as fast as the rumors and the death count. The people who live outside of the danger zone have nothing to do but pray and coin new jokes about the situation that few of us have lived to experience. PEOPLE ARE THROWING STONES IN THE DAMN GLASS HOUSE.

The latest slogan I heard; Osama-Bin-Dudus. LOL, I myself take serious thing make joke but what else is there to do? The whole Tivoli Gardens thing is turning into a Bush-Sadman-WMD tragedy; 77 killed and 6 guns found? Something is definitely wrong with those number. I can't even link to all the news and rumors that is coming out, it is just too much and changing too rapid.

The whole thing also has a splash of Hitler in it IMHO, especially since people keep talking about "bombing" Tivoli aka genocide. Clearly these have never been to the community and are warm at home with their microwave ovens and FB. Tivoli itself is quiet a big place. Not to mention the concentration camp that is housing 500+ adult and young males at the National stadium which as being "processed". I can't remember the last time I was processed and I doubt I would like it very much.

Lets not talk about FB and twitter because everybody is either quoting somebody or spreading hearsay.

Others about mass graves in May Pen Cemetery and dead bodies being burnt/dumped. Mothers and daughter who may never be able to collect the bodies of relatives. I am not sure how long it takes a body to start decomposing but it seems to be hasty.

There is just too much news, pictures and rumors. Too many parallels to draw. Your opinion is as good as mine cause i'm not going down there to see for my self.

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  1. It is not an easy road. For years the people of Jamaica have taken second place to the importance of tourism, they still do especially with the current administration who is less likely to respond nationally when we have one of our periodic upraise in crime, and its a damn shame. It's mostly black poor people dying anyway so who cares right. I am ashamed and applauded at the extreme greed and selfishness of our business people and politicians. The ordinary Jamaican us are to escape blamed as well.

    I am a little angry and must vent but it is really time to look for solutions, real solutions and enough talking lets start the walk.

    By the way love Facebook and twitter the internet and social networking have changed Jamaica News hence politics and so-forth just as how it impact other places in the world, we are more connected and the truth is almost impossible to hide when we can share what we see and ponder ideas in the public domain, there will be speculations but even "official" media suck in this regard with their half truth and agendas.


    by RB 2010-May-29 

  2. From history I've learned that change is a slow ongoing process and lots of people usual die.

    by owen 2010-Jun-10 

  3. Hi OWen just wondering if you have anymore information about TG. I can't read the JA news because it is filled will propoganda. my email address is kctomlinson at Tahnks

    by KT 2010-May-31 

  4. propoganda is everywhere because only the people close to the situation know whats and everybody has their own bias

    by owen 2010-Jun-10