Why won't Owen accept my friend request?

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written by The Black Swan on 2008-Aug-31.

a) He doesn't know who I am, but thinks I might be crazy.
b) He knows who I am, and thinks I might be crazy.
c) He's got better things to do with his time (like fix all the spelling errors on the site)
d) Who cares?

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  1. I think you left off some options in this multi-choice thing.

    by owen 2008-Sep-01 

  2. I choose D
    because even if he did, do you think he would add your applications and stuff and help you get mad powerful in your games?

    by Gods Child 2008-Sep-02 

  3. GC I bet he tries but finds it really hard to keep track of which vampire your trying to hug or poke or kiss or sell. [nasty]

    by owen 2008-Sep-03 

  4. e) He knows who you are, knows that you might be crazy but he acts like he's got better things to do and quite frankly he doesnt care.

    by Tami 2008-Sep-02 

  5. LMAO @ Tami. Gwey! Hater. :)

    @GC, you have a point.

    Owen, what's missing from my multi-choice.

    by The Black Swan 2008-Sep-02 

  6. f) he thinks facebook is the devil
    g) he is the wrong owen
    h) he is apprehensive to trouble makers

    by owen 2008-Sep-03 

  7. LOL! I guess i don't have to guess.

    by Stunner 2008-Sep-03 

  8. f and g contradict each other. If you think facebook is the devil, you technically wouldn't have a profile and therefore couldn't be the wrong owen...

    I am not a trouble maker...the trouble is already made when it finds its way to me.

    Hi Stunner.

    by The Black Swan 2008-Sep-03 

  9. so where's my friend request? that's all im it because im black?

    by pepper 2008-Sep-04 

  10. ha ha ha ...ANSA!!!

    by bobby 2008-Sep-04 

  11. he thinks you're gay...

    by coolie duppy 2008-Sep-11 

  12. Owen doesn't have a fwend!

    by mama 2008-Sep-17