1. aaahhhh the marvels of the world. they crumble at the possibility of wifey giving them bun while having fifteenty mateys out there...

    by Pepper 2008-Jul-29 

  2. EGO!!!!!!!! just plain dumbass ego [misc]

    by bobby 2008-Jul-29 

  3. ONE:Maybe the very fact that they give so much, which entails a lot of lying and scheming, causes them to experience morbid distrust aimed at their significant other, for what if she is as he is? Could she...? Would she...? Hoist by their own petard, perhaps?

    TWO: Insecurity - Another man possibly being 'better' than he is? More well endowed?

    THREE: The perceived sanctity of the vagina? No man shall go where he has gone before, yet, it is his responsibility to go forth and multiply...?

    FOUR: All of the above, and they are idiots (I lean towards this theory)

    by Mighty Afroditee 2008-Jul-29 

  4. YUP...I agree with Number four........

    by marangand 2008-Jul-30 

  5. guess you just defined ego

    by bobby 2008-Jul-30 

  6. Idiots with Egos [mocking]

    by marangand 2008-Aug-04 

  7. yep, def # 4

    by pepper 2008-Aug-06 

  8. haha Sweet. I like this topic. Wait is me ask the question, to rah!

    I think some men are just wussey's when it comes to stuff like this. Men can't deal with the fact that there is a strong possibility that he may be cheated on and so in the interim making sure their backs are always covered, they give bun. They always want to have that back up saying " so wat? i was cheating on her too" so as to not look like fools.


    by Tami 2008-Jul-31 

  9. I'm a man, and let me say I'm not afriad of getting bun. You give it to me, I'll eat it! And move on.

    by twovthree 2008-Jul-31 

  10. BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by bobby 2008-Aug-01 

  11. Its just selfishness, I guess.

    by Mad Bull 2008-Aug-02 

  12. No one want's to be on the receiving end where bun is concerned!

    by Stunner 2008-Aug-02 

  13. This is assuming that the whore that he got involved with at the start of the relationship was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing

    by owen 2008-Aug-05 

  14. Tief never love fe see tief wid long bag

    by Gods Child 2008-Aug-05 

  15. not all my dear [innocent]

    by bobby 2008-Aug-05 

  16. Bobby!
    where have you been?

    by Gods Child 2008-Aug-07 

  17. Am I the only one who wants to know who is giving Tami bun?


    by The Black Swan 2008-Aug-31 


    by TASH 2010-Apr-22