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Interstellar Movie Review

written by owen, 2014-Nov-15

Interstellar is a long, drawn out movie that gets good towards the end. It almost crashes and burns at one point but thank heavens that it kept going long enough to actually finish tell‎ing it's story. 

Interstellar is a very good movie. It goes hard into science fiction and theoretical physics without making too many dumb mistakes or unnecessary shortcuts.  ‎Nolan knows how to tell a story.   9 out of 10. Must watch. Long and boring but worth the trip for space science nerds only.  

A slow ride into nothingness, probably my movie of the year.‎
Some notable quotes;‎
He's gonna be a good farmer.  We are our children's ghosts. Shoot you out the airlock.

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Anonymous commented: i love space.. i find it hard to keep watching this after 10 min.. will try though based on ur review ... read more

Destiny movie review (Jamaican film)

written by owen, 2014-Oct-15

‎I decided to check out Destiny staring Christopher Martin and Karian Sang on the movie's Wednesday premier showing.   I had only heard about the movie last week on twitter.  I went early because I knew for certain that Carib5 would be bursting at the seams with Jamaicans rushing out to support a local film. Lol. To no surprise there were about 10 people in the theatre.‎
I arrived early to suffer through advertisements and standing while the national anthem played instrumental ( why is there no lyrics? ). 

Right off the bat the movie suffers from overuse of random popular music, and too many jump cuts in the dialog sequences.  Lots of Stereotypical Jamaican clichés. Stealth advertisements. Over acting and under acting.   Pointless side plots.
It's a nice little movie with a few laughs scattered between guest cameos.‎ For all those people asking for Jamaican movies not filled with shottas then yall should go out and watch this. 7 out of 10.  Not great, but ehh, it can watch.

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Nina commented: Hmm, the way you describe it sounds like maybe a 5 out of 10, max, not a 7. ... read 4 more

The November man - movie review

written by owen, 2014-Sep-7

‎I am not even sure why I am sitting in the theater waiting for this movie to start. But since I am here I might as well watch it. I am sinking back into my old ways.‎ Sitting through 20 minutes of random advertisements. But that's the nature of everything nowadays; ads.

Smartphones, drones, car chases and lots of glass.‎ Its a spy movie with a little sex, assassinations, hired killers traveling commercial, and revenge - lots of revenge. Random computer technology that magically finds out anything, about anyone instantly.

November has everything you would want in a global spy movie with a mix of interconnected players and plots. I still think he made a good James bond. Skinny white girls, misdirection, it's all a tangled web of murder and mystery. I liked it, November was a pleasure to watch up and until the very end. No stupid open ended BS. It was worth the price of admission. You should see it in the theatre. 9.5 out of 10. Highly recommended. Must watch for spy/action movie fans.

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mad bull commented: Thanks for the heads up. I'ma go see it! ... read more

Lucy movie review

written by owen, 2014-Aug-2

It must have been a long time since I have watched a movie staring scarlet but the over acting in the opening scene was beyond terrible. I would suggest you watch the Home Project because this movie uses a lot of the nature footage from it. The Home Project is an amazing piece for videography.

Lucy is a very short, very average movie.   Lucy is basically what you would get from watching a couple weeks of the science channel except ‎with a pretty actress, flimsy explanations and a so so story. I give it a 6/10, watch the Home Project youtube video instead - it's a better waste of your time.

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Think Like a Man Too Review

written by owen, 2014-Jun-30

It was a really funny movie in a more natural way that than the previous movie I watched even though it had the same 4 actors. Totally getting tired of these comedians doing every black african american movie over and over and over again.

Anyway its a bachelor party movie but its more worth your time and money than Transformers 4.

8 out of 10. Not as hot as in the picture and there is no reason for Lala to be in this movie.

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satanforce commented: The actually made a sequel. Oh God, I guess staying away from the World really as a good idea..... Do they still mention (twice divorced "relationship expert" Steve Harvey's name every 0 sentences?) ... read 2 more

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