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The eye

written by chachacallis, published 2005-Oct-04, comment

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The eye from a distant

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owen commented: I assume the "eye" is the ferris wheel right? what continent is it on? ... read 2 more


written by owen, published 2005-Sep-26, comment

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People in the road or crossing or walking in the road or walking on the sidewalk. Sometimes you never know.

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tristan commented: i think i'm beginning to understand why you keep failing your driving test... ... read 1 more


written by Hayo, published 2005-Jul-16, comment

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Waiting for Sydney's ludicrous monorail to arrive. It procedes to very slowly move you to no particular place where you don't really need to go.

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ready for a mouthful of water.

written by michael_halvorsen, published 2005-Jul-14, comment

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i attempted water skiing once. this was it. not so good.

picture taken at lake erie, 2005-07-09.

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owen commented: you actually have to be tied to a boat or a jet ski or something for water sking to work. I'm just guessing here. ... read 3 more

Lonely Mr. Coffee

written by Hayo, published 2005-May-23, comment

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What is there to do on the train to Leiden? Exactly, so we stuff ourselves with coffee.

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owen commented: this feels like one of those moments in the movie "euro trip" when they are going through the tunnels. ... read 1 more