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Tall buildings and land marks submit a photo


written by owen, 2008-Sep-29

ugly logo

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Jamila commented: I don't think it is ugly, I just want to know what the swan got to do with it. ... read 1 more

Miphone Building

written by owen, 2008-Jul-8

New Kingston, freshly painted with red accents

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I Heart Daft Punk commented: Now, I know where to stalk you...Hehe. ... read 3 more

new Kingston

written by owen, 2008-Jun-2

5th floor LOJ building

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South Tower

written by owen, 2007-Aug-9


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mad bull commented: South Tower of what company ... read 7 more

North Tower

written by owen, 2007-Aug-9

You can see the reflection of the south tower

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