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written by owen, 2011-Nov-23

Digicel is building a building Downtown. I personally think they should have gone bigger.

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Gods Child commented: but, aren't skyscrapers a liability in a hurricane? I'm just asking ... read 8 more


written by owen, 2011-Jun-23

New Kingston

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New Kingston

written by owen, 2011-May-9

Somebody wasted quite a bit of blue paint on this building.


Claro Building

written by owen, 2010-Aug-19

This was a earlier picture

This was a earlier picture

Back of the building

Back of the building

Front view in New Kingston. Lots of red paint.



written by owen, 2009-Dec-20

New kingston

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Tami commented: Its called Wyndham now, again. And whats your fascination with it? ... read 1 more

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