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Stand in the sun and take a picture of your shadow. submit your own photo

2007 07 31

written by owen, 2007-Aug-2

hmmmm...I haven't updated this in over a year. I'm standing in the parking lot. its about 6:30 pm

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Gods Child commented: long past time to go home ... read more


written by Tami, 2006-Oct-19

Flipping the bird and taking a punch for it

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taylor commented: yeh you be leaving with a fat lip :) ... read more


written by FyrFli, 2006-Jun-19

The pebbles of Oracabessa beaches as background for this one.

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owen commented: those are some big pebbles there ... read 5 more


written by owen, 2006-Feb-23


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Tami commented: Manju? ... read 4 more

Feeling Artistic

written by MiTcHiE, 2005-Oct-6

Was walking home one day - decided to take a pic.

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steve commented: I never thought of taking pics of shadows. I liked it...and probably will do the same. Thanks for the idea ... read 1 more

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