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Stand in the sun and take a picture of your shadow. submit your own photo

Feeling Artistic

written by MiTcHiE, published 2005-Oct-06, comment

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Was walking home one day - decided to take a pic.

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steve commented: I never thought of taking pics of shadows. I liked it...and probably will do the same. Thanks for the idea ... read 1 more

at the beach

written by michelle, published 2005-Sep-14, comment

related image the water.

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owen commented: You should always wear a bathing suit at the beach or are you hiding your but with a towel? ... read 1 more

Shady bunch

written by Hayo, published 2005-May-23, comment

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Who is the real shady?

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owen commented: I had almost given up on this project, its a good think I don't have a screen to delete categories. ... read 6 more

shadow shade

written by shade, published 2004-Feb-26, comment

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my very warped shadow. at the time it was lying on my driveway.

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Mad Bull commented: Have you noticed how its always lying about the place? Lazy blighter, that! ... read more

shadow owen

written by owen, published 2004-Feb-17, comment

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It was really hot and I felt like taking a picture with the camera I rented. This is one of my truly original ideas. I was in New Kingston at the time.

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gigi commented: u wanker ... read more