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Redux » five more seconds

written by owen, 2003-Aug-18

I've started listening to music on internet radio recently. Mostly trance, mood, techno slash whatever I can find. It appeals to me more if it's trapped in 50 megabyte mp3 files. Ordered by date, with nice little playlists in text files. But I listen none the less.
The further it is away, the better. The music doesn't even have to be in english. The less talking the better. Most of it can't even be found locally, in any CD outlet, drug store or otherwise. Songs such as; One More Day by Floris, or tif by ilo.
Probably the best thing to come out since cassette, portable radio players and the apple ipod.

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What was the last book you read?

I haven't read anything call a book in a while. Nor have I written anything either. Unless it is in a case I get bored and I scrible some prose into my palm. I tend to prefer pictures and recycled paper.

written by owen, 2003-Aug-15, Answer this question7

kesi answered: [b]The Alchemist[/b]..bad book..recommended to everyone who is looking to follow their dreams ... read 6 more

Redux » Chinese photography

written by owen, 2003-Aug-15

Today I was browsing Chinese photography at 21mm and Largely pictures of life in china at street level. But enjoyable none the less.

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  • esthet a Tokyo perspective on photography
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  • 22catcher An unknown corner never fails to suggest it hides a wonder

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Bill Ledger commented: im looking for information on chinese photography for an assignment at my college. history of chinese photography when it first began? and who was responsible for it's success? ... read 1 more

Redux » Mars Attacks

written by owen, 2003-Aug-14

Ever notice how significant events seem to happen everyday? Which in fact will never happen again, ever. However meaningless it may be to you or anybody else. It just goes on and on and on - like internet radio.

Probably at this very moment some city somewhere is without their regular electricity supply or internet access.

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The wandering of the planets brings Mars closer to Earth this month than at any time in nearly 60,000 years. It will be a last-chance proposition for all alive today: Mars won't be as close again until August 28, 2287.

Article: Mars making closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years

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bill commented: I read this too late. ... read 2 more

Video Games » losing my favourite game

written by owen, 2003-Aug-12

I'm going to buy The Legend Of Zelda: The WindWaker (it's a video game). Even though I had previously decided that I wasn't going to buy another piece of new technology. I hadn't played the previous 2 games in the series. Lack of funds and such. So I bit the bullet and decided that it was simply too good of a game to miss.
Being a zelda fan, I often like to wonder through never ending dungeons, dark forests, caves and such. Not you'd understand any of this of course. As surreal as it may seem. It's video games pretty fun once you get the hang of it.
minimum requirements: brain, extended attention span and rupees. A whole lotta free time.

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Saz commented: i always play a game on the net and then i switch the computer off. Then the next dy i go to play the same game and i forget the email address or i forget the game i was playing. Good Bye ... read 1 more