After 10 years, you discover that the wonderful child you've raised is not yours (hospital mixup). Do you keep the child, or do you go looking for your "right" child?

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written by Simplenigma on 2007-May-22.

Want to see if there's a difference in response between males vs. females respond...and parents vs. non-parents.

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  1. I don't have any kids yet but I'd keep the child, because I've already molded him/her into the menace that I wanted and I wouldn't be able to get back all that money that I spent on piano lessons and badminton [friendly]. I'd look for other kid just to make sure that he/shes not smarter than the one I have now.

    by owen 2007-May-22 

  2. I don't have kids.
    I would want to keep the kid I already have but hope the other parents would allow visits and not move very far away.

    by Gods Child 2007-May-22 

  3. kinda like having you cake and eating it too? your not seeing my kid [upset]

    by owen 2007-May-24 

  4. you're not seeing mine either.

    by Gods Child 2007-May-24 

  5. I suggest that inorder come to a compromise that we get our kids valuated. And the parent with the most valuable kid gets to make all the decisions.

    by owen 2007-May-24 

  6. that's okay. Since I care about both kids I wouldn't want one of them growing up with an inferiority complex. Valuated. Unbelievable. I hope your world-domination plot fails miserably.

    by Gods Child 2007-May-25 

  7. your mean [upset]

    by owen 2007-May-28 

  8. I'm not a parent and i dread the little critters, however i'd keep my child i have been raising for the past 10 years but i'd go searching for my blood child. Hospital/midwife would be sued for the mix up.

    by Tami 2007-May-22 

  9. What a terrible scenario! I would keep my child (the one I had raised) and I would seek out my birth child! I would ensure as much as possible that (s)he was being raised by nice parents.

    Simplenigma, what an interesting question!

    by Mad Bull 2007-May-23 

  10. not a parent and will try to avoid being one even at gunpoint.

    That said, i would probably keep the current one, as owen said, it's been trained for my plans for world domination. Would be a waste to throw away 10 years of indoctrination.

    by Hayo 2007-May-23