life without tables

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written by owen on 2003-Nov-16.

I seem to have gotten my site uptodate with the latest in web development standards. Whilst not using any tables or losing my mind entirerly. Until recently an avid table user a couple months ago before I realised that <h1> tags aren't just used to increase font size. But play a integral part in arranging information on a webpage into logical groups rather just being meaningless text. Making my site more accessible to people with disabilities. The webxact validator was helpful in checking for adherence to privacy and quality guidelines, in addition to accessibility issues.
Designing websites with CSS instead of tables can be a daunting task at first. Impossible even but it all will make sense once you finally figure out how <div> tags work. I won't go into the CSS vs Tables argument nor the advantages of separating layout from content because I really am not a designer and care not about such things. Designmeme has some resources on getting information on whats' going on the in the web development arena. Also check out the CSS Zen garden for example ways CSS can be used efficiently.

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