1. right now there is a way for you to submit the actual header for the site. thats why the site resize it. You might have to email me the original picture then I'll photoshop the site text onto it.

    But that picture might create room for mad speculation and you know how jamaica people chat bout already.

    by owen 2006-Jan-09 

  2. i think that's a really great photo. It says something about mass-marketed individuality; as well as the phenomenon of fashion at the price of comfort. hmmm.....
    *stroking chin, wearing black beret*

    by Gods Child 2006-Jan-10 

  3. Lawks!
    I had no idea my pic would turn out that large. If you can, Owen, please delete it.

    by Gods Child 2006-Jan-10 

  4. G I really don't know what you talking about. don't worry about it G. I'll fix the page so that it doesn't do that to the pics later.*

    by owen 2006-Jan-10 

  5. So Owen, did you get the right picture that I emailed to you?

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jan-18 

  6. no, when did you send it?

    by owen 2006-Jan-19