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Portland Jerk Fest 2010

written by owen, published 2010-Aug-19, comment

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This lady was blocking the view of the menu but it turns out Leo didn't want to tell us his prices.

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written by owen, published 2007-Oct-06, comment

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All are not created equal

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Gods Child commented: those are nice jeans did she do that to the back herself? That's something I want to do--start altering my clothes. ... read 4 more

Final Project

written by owen, published 2007-Aug-31, comment

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IT groups were doing powerpoint presentations and demos on the systems they developed in the final year of their course. Many did ok, a few had green text on a white backgrounds, and bad user interface design. It is a learning process. Its a good thing they put the upper level group in the last set.

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taylor commented: hmm.. your group presenter look like she got alot a junk in the trunk ... read 13 more


written by owen, published 2006-Dec-13, comment

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Random people drinking at a party. 2005_02_27. Save a bunny and submit a picture today!

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Random 4

written by owen, published 2006-Aug-13, comment

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2005_02_13 3:18:24 AM. Waterfalls nightclub

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