1. Jamila, You do you we're going to be staring at this pic for a while trying to decipher what body parts are in there and if there was any nudity.

    The curved part on the left looks like an ass cheek [innocent]

    by Tami 2009-Oct-01 

  2. if one is a ass cheek then what would the other one be?

    by owen 2009-Oct-02 

  3. A shoulder....duh

    by Tami 2009-Oct-13 

  4. You're right Tami!

    by Mad Bull 2009-Oct-01 

  5. Cool view and composition.

    by Stunner 2009-Oct-01 

  6. @ Tami, it isnt an ass's my legs...i was sitting with my knees bent....and took a pic looking thru them.
    @Stunner, thanks, glad u r liking my pics

    by Jamila 2009-Oct-03 

  7. So you have fat knees then? It still looks like an ass cheek to me...LOL. Great pic

    by Tami 2009-Oct-13 

  8. tami sprecial eeh :P

    lol anybody can see seh is between her foot dem she tek di pic

    by pepper 2009-Oct-17 

  9. this picture just reminded me that NJ sux in the winter!!

    by Aurie 2009-Oct-19