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All that is old is new again

written by owen, 2013-Aug-10

Here is a picture of this website from 2004. Its hard to imagine that so much time has passed. If this website was a child I would be sending them off to high school.

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March 2013

written by owen, 2013-Mar-10

I have been procrastinating so far this year and bleeding money while being annoyed. However all is good now and hopefully will stay that way for the next couple of months. The Arrow of time. Anyway what have I been working on?

Firstly I totally redesigned the News Page. It now efficient collect news and stories from 40 different Jamaican, Caribbean blogs And BBC latin America. And some links can be added by hand by using the Post Link option at the top of the page. The news page can be consider as a large collect of links that I find interesting covering a wide range of topics including Crime And Politics, Photography, Opinion, Music And Dancehall, Art And Culture. You can let me know if there are any other interesting blogs that I should follow but note that I donot care for spammy blogs or people who just re-blog stuff they heard somewhere else.

Secondly I redesigned the blog, this time going for a plain white look and large easy to read text. The redesign is a work in progress, I am still tinkering with it.

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September 2012 Changes

written by owen, 2012-Sep-23

I have been about the place, fixing up my old car, messing around with the css and not thinking about new things to write. I've been working on a asteroids game and Web content management system that is not free.

I finally added a new photo project called And the Sign Says... - go there and submit some pictures to be judged. Do not be shy, I will not judge you on your photo taking skills unless you have a really old camera phone - hate those with the fire of a thousand suns.

Ayo created a profile which is such a rare occasion nowadays thanks to facebook and twitter. Anyway hit up her website;

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Ayo commented: Aweee cool! God luck with the game and system! Sounds pretty awesome! n thanks for the shout out :D ... read more

June 2012 website updates and newness

written by owen, 2012-Jun-25

So I changed the theme, again. Wanted to do black and yellow but there is nothing like a good clean white theme. Plus it is easier to make. I have added about 7 new masthead images(those are the ones at the top). You can still preview all the mastheads I have ever used on the absolutely huge masthead image page. Or as FB calls it a "cover photo" - its all been done before.

Nothing else has changed on the code front (or the code back), except some changes to the comment rules to block the last set of spam attacks. :< If you can't add a comment let me know if its affecting you.

A few of the photo projects that I had in my experimental photos section will be graduated to the main photography section.

The home page will also be redesigned but I have not reach to it as yet (due to recent rises in patty costs). Later.

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September 2011 Updates

written by owen, 2011-Sep-7

Its back to school time and I'm working on the new website design, the long over due update that should have happened at the beginning of 2011 but nothing ever goes as planned. It is going to have a white background and big masthead pictures just like the ones I had in the past. All that is old is new again. Hopefully I will finish it before I lose my selfish-ways. I've been working on other stuff - You know how I am. Laying pipes.

As for the SoftNews sub-site I've created a new page which shows you only videos, so now you can just click on the video - right on the page - and watch it.

I have some pictures of floors that I think I will put up in a new photo project category. I was thinking of calling it "floor fetish" but a member of the fan club suggested "Low life" instead, which is just twisted enough that it actually seems more logical.

In the months ( well its been a year ) since my last confession I've created a whole other website for my game development side projects - I didn't want to bore you people with that kind of technical mumbo jumbo. Plus since then facebook and twitter have totally blown the hell up and no one has anytime to comment on anything anymore because they have A.D.D. with all the stuff that is floating around on there. I will have everything up and running by the end of the week cause we don't care about the young folks, talking about the young style; and we don't care about the old folks, talkin' 'bout the old style too.

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