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lake erie bliss: z3ing

written by michael_halvorsen, published 2005-Apr-13, comment

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took this picture 2005-04-10 while at lake erie with my dad's bmw z3. bliss.

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left side

written by owen, published 2005-Apr-05, comment

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In jamaica the first rule of driving is to drive on the left side of the road. I think the first rule should be "don't crash into other cars and most of all don't kill pedestrians".

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Rob Mientjes commented: It's reasonably sensible, but the killing bit seems a tad more important indeed. I now have an eery feeling about where she ended after this photo was taken. ... read 11 more

Fly Like An Eagle

written by owen, published 2005-Feb-13, comment

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I am thinking that I should create new photo gallery. One that has photos of what people are doing in their freetime. For example at parties, church or at the arcade. It will not be like a "party pics" section because I simply cannot go to every party, spend all night and then post hundreds of photos to a web site. One or 2 selected photos should do the trick. Anybody into sky diving? Maybe I should call the section FreeTime. Is it all worth the do? I am searching for ideas.

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Lights, tree

written by owen, published 2004-Dec-28, comment

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A recent christmas advertising tactic involves finding the biggest tree and adorning it with a stream of bright lights. It doesn't matter what type of tree, any tree will suffice as long as you can get electricity to it. Sometimes if trees are in close proximity several are decorated. These christmas lights are not the type that blink in random colors but are a constant white color. This particular tree is behind the fire station in Half-Way-Tree, Kingston, Jamaica. No dead trees have been reported.

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twelve 100s

written by michael_halvorsen, published 2004-Dec-17, comment

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$1200 - payment for 1/3 of website re-development project.

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