Jamaica, November 2014

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And the Sign Says.. » No smoking

written by owen, today at 7:42 am

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In an airplane bathroom.


Food and Eats » Cookie Vanilla Icecream

written by owen, today at 7:40 am

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Its basically just vanilla icecream.


Logbook » Dont Wanna Dance

written by owen, 8 days ago

‎My most authentic dreams involve my home town, and following someone through the streets. Sorta chasing them as they stop at different stores and shop at the supermarket then walk through the crowded streets.‎   Sometimes I am right beside them and other times I am trying to catch up as they rush through the crowd to get to the taxi stand. I barely glimpse the back of their head as they weave through the crowd with bags in hand.

‎There is a constant battle between real life and the life that you have made up in your head. The world is a messy place unkind place constantly in transition. Some people cannot be saved and they cannot save you. We are all just getting by doing what we think is best, avoiding what we can. There is no time like the present - it may not seem that way now but in the future all this will be a distant dream. All in my brain. All in transition. You already have everything you need. 

‎I can't really help the way I am. You have to be somebody, even if you don't know who you are. If you doan know me by now you probably never will. Though all is not lost. All the leaves are brown, everything in its season. Strip clubs and dollar bills, still got my money. Now is the winter of our discontent.‎

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Movies » Interstellar Movie Review

written by owen, 8 days ago

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Interstellar is a long, drawn out movie that gets good towards the end. It almost crashes and burns at one point but thank heavens that it kept going long enough to actually finish tell‎ing it's story. 

Interstellar is a very good movie. It goes hard into science fiction and theoretical physics without making too many dumb mistakes or unnecessary shortcuts.  ‎Nolan knows how to tell a story.   9 out of 10. Must watch. Long and boring but worth the trip for space science nerds only.  

A slow ride into nothingness, probably my movie of the year.‎

Some notable quotes;‎
He's gonna be a good farmer.  We are our children's ghosts. Shoot you out the airlock.

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Food and Eats » On the menu: carib5

written by owen, 8 days ago

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Some popcorn?