Jamaica, December 2014

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The random photo journal » Crown of thorns

written by owen, yesterday at 11:49 am

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White with the red version in the background. Mom has a ton of them. I need to get her some more pots so that she can take them out of the paint cans that she likes to put them in. "Plant pots are expensive" she says, "and they do not last long, once the sun hits them they crack". Yeah but they are neater to organize.

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The random photo journal » Blue Christmas Tree At Pegasus

written by owen, 4 days ago

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I am not liking these blue trees. They are very unnatural looking. :(

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Downtown kingston waterfront

written by owen

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Blog Jamaica » Art

written by owen, 5 days ago

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Now open


Food and Eats » Tiny Bottles

written by owen, 6 days ago

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Why do they only sell jam in such tiny bottles?