Jamaica, June 2017

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Video Blog » Dancehall and the era of the Summer Song

written by owen, 0 minutes ago

The first time I remember such a thing as a summer song was back in 2009 when Ding Dong dropped "Holiday". Many have been released since then but as far as I remember it all started with that first summer song. Enjoy my list and you suggest any that you remember that I might have forgotten in the comments.

Ding Dong Holiday - 2009

Vybz Kartel - Summertime - 2011

I-Octane - "Happy Time" - 2013

Vybz Kartel - Summer 16 - 2016

Beenie Man - Lets Go - 2011

Vybz Kartel - Party - 2015

VYBZ KARTEL - Miami Vice [Episode] - 2015


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Logbook » Dead Disco

written by owen, 2 days ago

I am churning through the year - words have become hard. 2 months so far and I am not even sure the year has even started. Well make that 4 months and another circle around the sun. Time makes you bolder for sure but I smarter? I do not know.

"I will love till the end of time" is probably all that I can promise nowadays as I walk through metal detectors. The words I said could be silver. I am still getting called weird alot and I am not sure about it or anything at all. Am I still loving in the wrong way? How can a man love like that? Tina Turner.

Most times I just want to go home and sleep away my troubles or do what I like. If you insert yourself into the struggle you might be setting up yourself for a war. I thought the point was for your days to go easy. What is anything worth, time, space, bueaty, monkeys, salvation, freedom and what are you willing to pay for it? What are you willing to give up. As I always say; if it makes you happy.

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Video Blog » Cuba says hello

written by owen, Mon, 29th May at 7:41 am

With as much spanish as I have been exposed to in the past year, you would think that I would know more than 4 words of spanish. Bano. Even with my week long vacation trip to Cuba and watching spanish language lessons on youtube. Que passa? A entire spanish novelas on Netflix? But alas, no. I am doomed to only contain one language in my brain at a time. But this fact has not stopped me from enjoying a good reggaeton de Cuba Mix. A couple of these videos are shot along the Malecón waterfront in Havana.

EL MICHA “Oye Tu Si Suena”


CHACAL “Pa' La Camara”

WILDEY “Palomita”

DIVAN “Hablale Claro”

ALEX DUVALL & EL MICHA “Yo Se Que Te Molesta”

WILDEY “La Puntika”

PETER NIETO “Se Desespera”

JAYBY & DIVAN “Delete”

QVA LIBRE “Por Estar Contigo”

WILDEY “Tengo Money”


CARPE DIEM “Cupido Me Engaño”

ALEX DUVALL “Porque No Le Dices”


DIVAN Feat. QVA LIBRE “Estoy Para Fiesta Contigo”

DIVAN “Sentimentalmente Disponible”

The full 1 hour long uninteruted mix can be watched here.

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Finding the best solution and not just any solution (programming)

written by owen, Sun, 21st May read 3 times.

Logbook » Ruby

written by owen, Sat, 20th May

I am hyper aware of my own mortality, the number of branches that are in my tree. The world around me lives only by grace. We are not special. This has only gotten worse as I get older and my tolerance level has changed to the point where I have to see five steps down the road or I am not even going to jump on that train to hell that you are so passionate about.

Fools and charlatans are now growing out of the woodwork like a fungus, while I am simply trying to get through the day. A train to wreck. They say we should all strive to be like Jesus but I am a humble man; knowledge, wisdom and understanding are all I seek. I solve problems and time is money.

At some point in time you have to stop chasing society because you never really catch it. If a hand dem a bruk then you will have to pop necks to keep up, shake them down and break them like bread. There is no end, the more you have - the more you want and the more you give the more they take.

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