Jamaica, June 2015

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Cari-Med Building, New Kingston

written by owen

The best looking building in all of New Kingston, Jamaica. 73,000 square feet of office space. The 360 million JMD Building was previously the Claro/Miphone building but now rocks blue.

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Traveling without moving » Miami International Airport

written by owen, 5 days ago

Expect to wait a couple hours in passport control.

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Tech Trends: Rise of the consumer nerd

written by owen, 6 days ago read 174 times.

SOLID OOP is kinda strange (programming)

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The random photo journal » Leaves

written by owen, 10 days ago

I don't even remember why I took this in April while I was in Florida. I take random photos sometimes which is why I have an entire project. You can even submit your own pictures.

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