Jamaica, October 2014

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And the Sign Says.. » Bump Bump

written by owen, yesterday at 8:17 am

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In Belize instead of having one hump they have 2 bumps. Also the pedestrian crossings are wide raised bumps that you actually have to slow down to zero, drive over, and drive down in order to pass. I can just imagine how much time and energy is wasted going over pedestrian bumps that are littered throughout the city and on highways.

Certainly solves the speeding problem.


The random photo journal » Random Fruit

written by owen, Tue, 30th Sep at 12:43 pm

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I'm still not even sure what it is really but with it bright red pigment and the fact that it is open on the tree are NOT GOOD signs better go eat some termites. Belize.

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And the Sign Says.. » Irma's Fast Foods

written by owen, Tue, 30th Sep at 12:34 pm

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When you are in a foriegn country you can never be sure what you can eat or what won't make you terribly sick and in pain for the rest of your trip. I am not sure what it is but a co-worker pointed out a funny option on the menu. Belize City, Belize.


Miami Airport

written by owen

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One World. The worst thing about Miami International airport is the long back immigration lines. You can spend up to 2 hours in the line on a good day.

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Food and Eats » Caramel Cone

written by owen, Sun, 28th Sep at 7:09 pm

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It was like eating a snickers bar dipped in vanilla icecream. Delicious.