Jamaica, August 2015

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Movies » Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

written by owen, 2 days ago

Rogue Nation is like what MI 6 or 5? I cannot even keep track. This movie is more of the same. Real stunts are still unecessarily unecessary. Alot of the actions scenes are just set up for action sake. You will not be disappointed but at the end of the movie you will be like meh, on to the next one.

BMW is the sponsor of this one and there seems to be an unlimited supply of cars and bikes that just appear at random places during this globe trotting movie. I am not even sure how these people get around in this day and age of flight delays and check-in lines.

My rating 6/10. Pretty forgettable. action, for action sake. Hunt is fearless and indestructable. You won't be disappointed but you might as well wait until it comes on cable.

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The wheels project » Vernamfield July 29, 2015

written by owen, Wed, 29th Jul at 7:26 pm

Drag racing, race gas and noise polution. NDRC Drag Challenge #3: Vernamfield, Clarendon, Jamaica

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Logbook » Fade into you

written by owen, Wed, 29th Jul at 3:31 pm

I got a lot to lose. Everyday we survive by the mercy of the cosmos. I had some other bits and pieces written down but I figured I should "wing" this one. I am not sure what I need. I often try to explain how it all works to other people but they do not understand. They are obsessed with their own worlds. I will deviate just a little bit today.

I have been listening to 4 gigs of Soca music over the past few weeks. I cannot stop. I must continue until I am a wreck upon the tracks. Like a train, rolling down a very steep hill. I am full of focus and all you care about is the little hope you have left. Put your lips to mine, put a little love inside. I know pretty hurts but I have to focus. I cannot miss you because I have too many hobbies yet unfinished. Hunger hurts.

As I said before I had previously written stuff down but I left them too long on the fire until they have lost all meaning. What is life without meaning? How can I set your soul at ease? You are either chasing something down, or preaching to the converted. I do not care either way because all is for a time. And soon all this will be a long time ago.

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Food and Eats » Too Much Sauce?

written by owen, Tue, 28th Jul at 8:22 am

Island Grill, Downtown Kingston

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ChangeLog » Mastheads mid-2015

written by owen, Sun, 26th Jul at 9:10 am

So far this year I've been playing around with primary-colour patterns for the website masthead and footer. I am never sure what I am gonna do, I just wing it but I have fallen in to a routine now. You can see a list of all the ones (56k warning) I have created over the years. I picked up this habit from dooce some 10+ years ago.

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