Jamaica, August 2014

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Pimp Juice » Honey boom boom

written by owen, Thu, 31st Jul at 9:52 pm

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I usually just stick to a smirnoff ice but since I didn't drive and open bar with no bartender at the pool party I kinda went experimenting with some the wide selection of vodka until I hit up an American Honey bourbon and I must say it's delicious. I think this the thing that old men sit in bars all day and drink until they have big beer bellies. Its definitely a creeper, sweet and supple like a (insert something here). I left the party with the bottle because I have no shame and love knows no boundaries.


The random photo journal » Monopoly

written by owen, Wed, 09th Jul at 3:07 pm

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Electronic money edition bank uses credit cards instead of paper money. I wonder what there overdue rates are like.

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The random photo journal » Wagonists

written by owen, Wed, 09th Jul at 3:04 pm

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Its Germany time.

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Movies » Think Like a Man Too Review

written by owen, Mon, 30th Jun at 11:08 am

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It was a really funny movie in a more natural way that than the previous movie I watched even though it had the same 4 actors. Totally getting tired of these comedians doing every black african american movie over and over and over again.

Anyway its a bachelor party movie but its more worth your time and money than Transformers 4.

8 out of 10. Not as hot as in the picture and there is no reason for Lala to be in this movie.

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Logbook » if you must

written by owen, Sun, 29th Jun at 5:59 pm

I have been beset by choices lately. Choices are not my friend. They stalk me like a man eating cat in the jungle of life. Or a big batty woman is a trouble to a man. None of the choices are particularly easy or financially viable. Time is running out and of course other people are of no help. I must wade through the tall grass and hope I come out on the other side of the uncharted swampy wasteland beyond the thunderdome.

What's happened has already happened and ‎the future is already on its way. There is nothing else I can do about it. Hell is other people. One just has to hope they get lucky. Physics will bring us together. Everything exists in relation to something else like trees exist because monkeys need something to climb.‎ If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.‎

Any type of advanced knowledge or skill takes hours or years of practice. And the more you practice the more you realize how hard it is for other people to understand what you do even at a molecular level. There is nothing else I can do.‎ I would go to work earlier in the mornings if I didn't have to kill myself doing it. But I guess everything you do kills you a little bit each day.

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