Jamaica, May 2015

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Vernam field May 17

written by owen

A day at the drag races, cars go vooorm vooorm, pop pop. bang, bang fashion killa. Sun was blazing on the concrete. The smell of race gas in the air. Vernam Field, Clarendon, Jamaica.

Euro type R civic. It kinda grows on you after a while.

Move out the way

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My Favorite Soca Songs of 2015

written by owen on 6 days ago

This year seemed to have a abnormal rush of excellent soca songs that kinda hit me like a run-away train. I'm gonna list them now;

Lyrikal - Cloud 9

This is probably the best written song of the bunch. Lyrikal stands up to his name with this song that practically rolls off the tongue. I dun high already, feel like I could fly already.

Farmer Nappy - My House

Farmer Nappy came in a close second with equally great lyrics and a nice video, vocals and a overall good vibe with that raw island accent that is hard to pick up when you only hang around Jamaicans all day. Its natural like a baby crying for the first time.

Benjai - Phenomenal

When I first saw this video I was like where in the world is this place? and how do I get there? Shot on location in St.Vincent and The Grenadines. He drops in a little EDM at the end of the track.

Shal Marshall - Motivation @shalmarshall

I don't need to say much about this video;

Machel Montano - Like Ah Boss

Is like Machel can do no wrong. Is fett I come out to fett.

Honorable Mentions

Fadda Fox - Ducking ( @faddafox )
Techinically this was 2014 but I never hear dis until Jams posted it on fb and I was hooked right away.

Ricardo Drue - VagaBond

Destra - Lucy

Sekon Sta - The Best - Good song baaddd video :(


Too many songs to list but if you have the time I found a 3 hour long mix on youtube. Enjoy until next year.

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Movies » Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

written by owen, 7 days ago

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Well at least its not a remake is probably the first notable thing to point out. Mad Max: Fury Road might be the single most pointless movie to watch in 3d - avoid the 3d version if you can because it adds nothing to a movie set in a desert wasteland. This movie should never be watched in 3d - EVER. It took about like 15 minutes for my eyes to get accustomed to the glasses and the 3d-ness. Pointless.

At this point 3d is pretty much a movie goers annoyance and in small countries like Jamaica there is pretty much no choice on the matter, the theaters want to make as much money as they can, so I watched it, well I suffered through the movie in 3d.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a OK movie. A little above average at best. Its not a must see at the theater because it really does nothing that would impress a hardcore fan of the previous 3 movies. And the movie in general kinda wastes your time. The plot is simple with a few crazy characters and a classic Darth Vader bad guy.

My Rating 7 out of 10. Ok action movie. Not as good as people hype it up to be. Watch the old movies first. Wait until it comes out on DVD. Great practical stunts.

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Tami commented: I find that the closer you are to the screen the better the 3d effects are. First and second rows are awesome when it comes to 3D movies, so try it next time and see. Youll be like alice in wonderland. ... read 1 more

Logbook » Love is stronger than pride

written by owen, 11 days ago

I have started noticing something that I probably knew all along, like a song I heard when I was a child. Suddenly sprung back to memory. You give me something. People like to surround themselves with things that make them happy and like to discuss things they believe in and avoid things they do not understand. Good times, bad times, they come and they go. Reflect back forward on old memories, over and over in a revolving echo chamber. Hoping for a better tomorrow. We want the world. Some times you are more of a friend to someone else than they are to you. And sometimes you are nothing. It makes us human. Balance.

I wonder how many times I have wrote this exact sentence. I may have reached the point of no return. May have run out of words to put to rhyme. I am never too far away when you feel alone. Publish or die is what I always say, no regrets. You would have had to spend your time in a place, somewhere, doing something or had to find someone to fill the empty space. Life is empty space, too short to spend it reading quotes on how life should be. Write your own. I want to read them.

We are connected by forever. If I told you that I knew what I was doing I would be lying. I have no clue. I am walking in a mine field and you are avoiding. Hoping the mines will go away. All I do is try not to fuck up. Fucking up is getting easier and easier the older I get, like riding a bicycle or more like fighting an uphill battle that I want to lose. We are war buddies. There is too much to do in too little time. Everyday is Christmas.

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Tami commented: Here I was thinking that fucking up gets harder to do when youre getting older because its assumed that you have learnt many lessons along the way to know what to do and what not to do. Once bitten... ... read more

Food and Eats » Cornflakes and Malta - Remix

written by owen, 12 days ago

I eventually got bored with my cornflakes and milk so I poured some malta into my Cinnamon Bunches of Oats. It was quite good. Gave it a little punch that it needed.

Woke up this morning, got myself a bowl

First the flakes then the milk

Organic whole milk?

Let me add a little flavor

All done

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