1. Congratulation to you Jan and Owen on your wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together. I decree and declare a lifetime of love, joy, peace and happiness to this union. I speak abundant blessings in all areas of your lives in Jesus Christ Name.
    1 Corinthians 16:14: “Do everything in love."

    by Diana 2019-Sep-02 

  2. Congratulations again to you both. I love you guys sooo much, thank you for allowing me to share in your beautiful wedding. Jay welcome to my family, I know my Mom gained a daughter and I gained a sister.
    I wish you both many years of happy togetherness.
    I pray blessings over your marriage.Remember to make Christ the center of your marriage and pray together.

    by Georgia 2019-Sep-02 

  3. These are great pictures! You are all looking stunning

    Pray God will keep you together and surround you with his eternal love. That which God has joined together let no man put apart.

    by Pamela 2019-Sep-03 

  4. Owen with the smirk!
    Congrats guys, sorry I missed it.

    by Tami 2019-Sep-04 

  5. Congratulations Owen!! God bless you and your beautiful wife

    by Andrea 2019-Sep-06 

  6. Congratulations to you both, hope you have a long and happy life together - Tamika

    by Tamika 2019-Sep-19 

  7. Congratulations again owen, to you and your beautiful wife, I did after you came back to work, but have a chance to view all or most of your photograph now, they are stunningly beautiful, may God continue to bless guide and
    Protect your journey in marriage.

    by Maxine 2019-Dec-29