Hellshire, Beach erosion

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posted by owen on 2015-May-3.

I think beach erosion has nothing to do with "climate change", the great band-aide for everything related to the environment nowadays. We certainly cannot expect these natural wonders to last forever when we destroy everything around it with garbage and over use..

One major factor seems to be the construction of buildings close to the shore line creating a wind barrier. Fences, dividers, docks, I can bet that the beach is thinner in front of these structures. This wind barrier prevents the sand from blowing over and creating dunes of reserve sand behind the beach. Either way as with anything concerning people's livelihood, the economy and poor management, it is probably too late to solve any of these problems. Horse done gone through the gate. Better enjoy it while it lasts. Pictures from Hellshire, Portmore Jamaica.

Staircase in front of Prendy's

Staircase in front of Prendy's

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  1. We need to open our eyes and see what's happening. This is not only happening to hellshire beach. There are other coastlines being affected in the same way.
    It is unfortunate that this is happening to one of the best chillspot in Jamaica.

    However we will see more and more of these happening, not only in Jamaica but throughout the world especially in and around The Americas.
    This is a direct link to the what's happening with the icecap melting in the north.

    by Norris 2015-Nov-18