Big Piece of Tomato

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written by owen on 2012-Feb-08.

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I find it really annoying when I get a big piece of tomato in anything I am eating. I know that tomatoes are difficult to slice and they often come in random sizes but for the love of all that is good please come up with a standard size! Although I have never really liked tomatoes so thats probably why they annoy me to no end.

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  1. no, actually, tomatos are not difficult to slice. And in fact, that tomato has been chopped, not sliced.

    by Gods Child 2012-Feb-14 

  2. based on the chunks i have been getting it would appear that way

    by owen 2012-Feb-14 

  3. People just too lazy to cut or in your case, owen, to eat tomato!

    by Jammy 2012-Feb-21 

  4. hehe I make it my duty to pick them out of anything I eat in public .. had a horrific experience :S

    by Ayo 2012-Aug-28