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Pictures of the sky and sometimes the tree outside submit a photo of the sky

Shooting Date/Time: 7/1/2007 11:47:54 AM

written by owen, 2007-Jul-24

11:47:54 AM


2007 04 06

written by owen, 2007-Jul-22


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2007 06 30

written by owen, 2007-Jul-22



Parking lot

written by owen, 2007-Jul-1

Downtown Kingston, the sky really is not always like that. Lucky day.


The tree outside my house

written by owen, 2007-May-13

I've been taking lots of pics of the sky recently because I'm all fasinated with its perfection. hahah to those of you who live in NY.

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Tami commented: Do u have a fascination with that dam tree. I have seen u take more than one pic of the tree. i dont see whats so interesting abt the tree. ... read 26 more

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