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Medal of Honor Heros 2 Wii Review

written by owen, 2008-Jan-27

Now the thing about this game is that its ugly even for a wii game with sparce environments that open and close as you trigger events. I should have suspected as much when its a game made for the PSP. You can play 32 player online death match but you'll die faster than you can kill the other person. Also you have the single player which I set to the hardest level because I had a feeling that the game wasn't going to be much of a challenge on normal ( and Ineed to get my monies worth ).
Its a nice FPS (look it up), the wii controller does well, if even better than a mouse and a keyboard. IT has a learning curve but by half-way through the game you'll be straffing and shooting multiple guys in the head. The AI is however pretty stupid or should I say boring and will often:

  • keep shooting at the spot where your hiding as if they have infinite ammo
  • spawn out of middle air
  • appear out of nowhere in hordes as soon as you do something in a level
  • kill babies
  • congregate behind boxes for no reason

However I'm still playing it, if only to say I had played it. I should have bought Metroid Prime 3 instead .

I give it a 6/10 only because you can shoot people with a gun. Awful game, awful AI. If you can: rent it first or buy my copy.

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Mad Bull commented: Buy your copy? Smart!!! [confident] ... read 2 more

virtual insanity

written by owen, 2004-Apr-28

Clearly I have been spending far too much time on this computer addiction/geek feast/lord of all things software lifestyle. No warning on the box whatsoever. Multiple projects gone incredibly out of scope, problems here, problems there, updates, improvements, optimizations - all out geek dom. Roses really smell like boo-boo-booo? I need a vacation.
Probably I should become a fireman or something outdoorsy, save some people from themselves or there own bitter stupidity. Get my hands dirty. Or maybe I should put forward my plans towards becoming president of my dear little island nation (if it survives) eventually taking over the world and killing every single terrorist on the face of the earth - really. Clearly somebody or everybody over at cnn has something up their but normally excessively devoted to one faction. Should still be a time enough for me to write a record, get eminem and dr dre to produce it, go plat, win a grammy and crash my 50,000 dollar H2.
I need to get out to mingle with the other people not in my instant messenger window, hiding in the chatroom or obsessing over useless information. I should dust of my radio and start listening to none mp3 based music in my ever open media player. Get drunk, get some sleep read a book, dooce's baby and get complicated.

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shade commented: jamiroquai useless indeed. ... read more

provincial digi-freak

written by owen, 2004-Feb-22

I bought a new cellphone last weekend. It was more of a spur of the moment thing. I had too many things in my pockets so one had to get an downsized. I wanted to see how long I could go before I bought a new cellphone, I think 3 years is pretty good.
The previous phone didn't vibrate, nor did it have useless flashing lights. Three years old it was. It worked pretty well but simply wasn't cool enough to carry around anymore. Often times police would mistake it for a 9mm with laser targeting. But I'm no expert.
Now this new phone not only allows people to call me when I'm at lunch, it runs java! yay! If only the games didn't suck - but who plays cellphones games anyway?
So now I have a cellphone that's almost a third the weight of my previous phone. Plus I can use it as a flashlight! No it doesn't have a camera, doesn't make coffee or send me emails when it's lonely.

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shade commented: but you could make a java scrpt so that it would send you emails... ... read 3 more

death by lack of sleep

written by owen, 2003-Oct-23

Staying up late into the wee hours of the night meeting project deadlines and playing a certain video game from hell often leads to being sleepy all day. My addiction to insomnia is not new really but is a long, well developed art. Solidified during the days of high school. The trick is to go to sleep before the sun comes up. Then the following day not to drive or do anything that requires you full attention. Avoiding bright lights as much as possible.
It only works for 2 days however. Then after that it's just all fuzzy. Night clubs are totally out of the question.

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Mike commented: you hit the nail on the head, my friend. Nightclubs are totally out of the question. It's also a good idea to schedule your insomnia days around the days off you have from work, as I failed to do today...I'm gonna be in a daze all night. ... read 7 more

Windows suck

written by owen, 2003-Oct-13

As you may have realized fellow mouse-kittiers, the graphical user interface sucks. Haven't you ever notice how you never get any better at it? Every day you get on you computer and click the start button (or whatever you do doesn't matter). Even though I am a seasoned computer user basic activities are always take the same amount of time to complete. Anyway every day you get up and you click the same button on the interface, you could have clicked it a million times before but YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO LOOK AT IT. It takes like 1 to 2 seconds to figure out where the button is situated. Usually you brain keeps trying to figure out if by some strange occurrence all you icons moved during the night, but they haven't.
This is most definitely the drawback of the GUI The constant need to constantly be looking at what your doing. While at the same time reassuring your brain that everything is in the right order and that your not formatting you hard drive.
I haven't used the new apple OS X. But it's the same look, point and click kinda interface. When you've use a computer as long or as much as I have you'll begin to realize that even though you know what your doing, the GUI just simply never allows you to do it any faster.
The GUI is probably the best thing we have wildly available to us now. But it certainly isn't perfect nor is it going to get any better. The directory file system sucks as well but I will discuss that at a later date.

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Slade commented: Fair enough, but where else do we go with it? I suppose you could still head back for a text-only system, or are you thinking about some hardwired-brain interface thingie? ... read 1 more

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