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My Old Car Radio

written by owen, published 2012-Apr-16, comment

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A Poineer XX-Something. I was good for a while but it go increasingly annoying because it did not like my CD-RW discs. Of course it would play original music cds but I don't buy them that often and my favourite discount CD store closed down and became a vegetarian food restaurant :(

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Wiring the New Radio

written by owen, published 2012-Mar-08, comment

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I recently became annoyed with burning CD-RW disks before I left work so that I could play newly discovered music in my car. Sure it was not bad at first but eventually after about a week or 2 of constant burning and the heat from within the car the re-writeable disks would simple give up and I was left with nothing to listen to but the radio or original CDs.

After months of trying to pop out the radio to check for inputs on the back I finally was able to get it out - only to realise that there were no AUX in ports on the back of my old radio. I had not choice but to buy a new radio.

After another couple months of searching and bitching I was finally able to get a new radio that did not break the bank and would not get my car stolen (though the jury is still out on that one)

Luckily for me there was a radio already in my car. So all I had to do with match the colors.

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Jamaica Elections 2011 - Manifesto Word Search

written by owen, published 2011-Dec-21, comment

Do a quick search for words or phrases across all the 2011 Manifestos (JAM,JLP,MGPPP,NDM,PNP) and compare the results; maybe pointless but who knows;

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SRC/PIOJ: Innovate or Die - Nov 29, 2011 - What I learnt

written by owen, published 2011-Dec-01, comment

What I learnt from the SRC/PIOJ: 'Innovate or Die' Panel Discussion held at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel on Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011;

Services instead of products

Basically the only thing investers will fund are service industry activities. They are very easy and are of little risk to investers. Avoid anything physical, because it would require too much initial investment and the risk of failure is too much for the local market.

Food, Herbs and Food Additives

Do not even think of producing anything that is taken internally or are considered to be a medicine or food additive. It is simply too risky and investers are not willing to take a chance on anything that is removely difficult or requires a large amount of human testing or research. You are on your own.

Outsource your labour to other countries

At some point you will have to leave Jamaica. Find a country overseas for your factory where there is cheap labour and lower electricity rates. If you want to compete in the global market you simply cannot physically operate in Jamaica - its just too expensive.

Go big or go home

Avoid markets which are dominated by bigger companies because there is simply no protection for you in the global economy. The only way to compete is through efficiency, and if you are not as efficient as a multi-billion dollar company you might as well not try because your idea (if it is profitable) will be stolen in an instant.

The Jamaican Consumer Society

Avoid targeting the local consumer base in any large scale, at least in the long run, it will not support you. The Jamaican people are conditioned to buy overseas products in fancy packaging. Provide a service that is attached to foriegn product such as software apps, cellphone repairs or auto-mobile repairs, invest in fancy-high quality packaging. Build your customer base quickly and watch the market closely.

Government Policies

Better not to wait on the government to help you out. Government policies may do you more harm than good and will probably take 20 years to come to reality ( fruition ). The government is busy and is probably spending their money on more important things. You will have to be creative without putting yourself into too much debt - nothing tried - nothing done. Register your company and get the appropriate licenses for your operation, it may take a while and seem rather haphazard but at least you will reduce the chance of you getting raided and locked up by the police. Pay your taxes.

In Closing

Innovation is a tool. Stop doing the same thing over and over. Invest money in a research department and encourage employees to suggest ideas on improving efficiency and creating new products and services. Research is a investment, you may not see results today or tommorow but when you strike gold the returns will be 10 fold. Do not be afraid to try something new because you are never sure when the next iPad will come out and you will not be able to afford the USD to buy one.

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Goldeneye 007 Wii Game Review

written by owen, published 2011-Sep-14, comment

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Firstly let's just say that the game looks bueatiful the single player is definately pushing the wii. Pushing it so far that it results in frame drops when the on screen activity gets heavy. But the jungle stage is a site to be seen.

However the online multiplayer is a slow 30 frames per second and is littered with double kill bugs - maybe its just me but it is very annoying to shoot somebody is the head get the kill, only to have them kill you at the same time with a shotgun. This happens multple times in a single match.
On the plus side the game features accolades which are an indication of how well or how badly you did in a match, things such as Professional, COD Master, . Too bad there is no way to see those gained by your teammates or enemies.

A smart watch with lasers is much cooler than a smart phone with WIFI!

The single player is above average, nothing spectacular but as good as call of duty. It basically IS call of duty. I give it a 8 out of 10. There is fun to be had. Multiplayer is poor but the single player is worth a play through. Doesn't live up to the memory of the N64 game. It looks better that COD:WAW but does not play better because of its low framerate. Rent or borrow first. Not a memorable game, certainly not worth keeping in your collection.

The Online Multiplayer

Besides the fact that the gameplay is a laggy 30 frames per second the multi player maps have some of the most illogical designs that I have seen so far in a FPS video game. The major culprit in this stage called archives in which the map is design as a maze, the stage is a 2 storey building which has no sense of symmetry or logical architectural design. I know this may be over the head for most layman but some of the stages in this game are practically impossible to memories because of the random placement of staircases and walls in little rooms that serve no logical purpose in a building.

The Single Player Campaign

Once you complete the game on notice the first time, you will probably no want to play it again unless you bought the game and have nothing else to play. You can always go for the time trials or the 007 Classic difficulty but these modes are pointless because enemies that appear out of hidden walls and bottleneck sections make doing a quick run through more of a chore than a exercise in skill. The single play is roughly 5 hours and has no gadgets besides a smart phone and some quick time events which are often pointless distraction. There is this one point where I actually had to go online to figure out to escape a helicopter sequence because of a poorly placed button. In general its a mixed bag