Fishing in the rain 3

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photos by owen on 2020-Dec-10.

As I arrived at the exit of the mall I caught this lady in the process of what I later realised was taking off her slippers then running out into the rain. This is one of those shoot first ask questions later moments. If was a little quicker I would have gotten the whole thing. Better luck next time. The other picture is the second shot of the guy running out into the rain.

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  1. Nice, I like! Looks like a runner with the baton getting ready to run the 1st leg of a relay race in pic 2

    by mad-bull 2020-Dec-13 

  2. She was actually one of the first shots then I spent a good 15 minutes taking pictures of people running out into the rain trying to get home after doing their shopping.        

    by owen 2020-Dec-13