New Highway to Ochi

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posted by owen on 2016-Sep-13.

Last weekend I took a trip on the new leg of the highway to Ochi Rios before the toll prices increase yet again. I must say that I am disappointed with the speed limits on this thing, 80 kmph on flats, 60 around corners is just unacceptable for the amount of money you have to shell out.

It was not cheap to build, I counted at least 12 mountains that had to be cut straight through. Got to applaud the chinese for there tenacity in doing difficult things.

I paid 920$ each way for a car. Only advantage is you get to Ochi in 1 hour mash driving at the speed limit, skip both Mount Rosso and Flat Bridge.

Look out for speed traps. Anyway pics below.

Driving into the rain in the hills

Driving into the rain in the hills

Rest stops?

Rest stops?

Made it in one piece

Made it in one piece

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  1. TGUMIIOP... or, thank God U made it in one piece.

    by mad bull 2016-Sep-13 

  2. gots to be careful on them roads!

    by owen 2016-Sep-18