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written by owen on 2013-Apr-20.

Every so often I get to sit at the bus stop in New kingston and watch the world go by. It is a luxury that I enjoy like fried plantains, ripe and sweet like a nipple on the breast of a chicken. Too bad hurricane Sandy took away all the plantain trees and I have to suffer another 12 months until they grow back and bear fruit. Such is life. Such is life.

Sometimes I would be listening to some music in one place and then move to another place and wish that the music would follow me around all the time. But then I remember that it would probably be annoying to have the black keys follow you around all the time like a cloud of distraction. Sometimes you need free time to listen to the raindrops and think about the thoughts in your head.

There is so much money in the world but money is not the answer. Monkeys. Monkeys are the answer. I would live on an island in the Maldives and dream about the ways of the old world, fried chicken-coconuts and watch the sky for rain clouds and hurricanes.

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  1. :)
    I like that.

    *this bit is just incase you think my three words aren't enough to send through the comment :P*

    by Ayo 2013-Apr-20 

  2. I like it too. And I have similar sentiments re fooling Owen into thinking I got stuff to say.

    by mad bull 2013-Apr-21 

  3. facebook has made you all so LAZY! Damn you Facebook!

    by owen 2013-Apr-21 

  4. Love this Owen! I too have been suffering from LOFRP - lack of fried ripe plantains! lol I just found myself some bananas in the supermarket last night and almost did a happy dance!

    by islandscribbler 2013-Apr-26