1. looks like onion rings and why aren't you using your utensils? seems like a small serving, how much for that?

    by owen 2010-Nov-03 

  2. Who uses a fork at a bar? The serving wasn't that small but it was on the side dish list or i guess its just something to have before some drinking to make sure your stomach isn't empty.

    I think it cost between US$8 and US$11

    by Tami 2010-Nov-04 

  3. i luv fried calamari!!

    by Aurie 2010-Nov-16 

  4. just the thought of the waving tentacles makes me shudder.

    by Gods Child 2010-Nov-30 

  5. and you wonder why they have to make up a new name for it! ewww

    by owen 2010-Nov-30