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Grill Iron Chicken

written by owen, 2010-Mar-1

The chicken was tasty but all that vegetable could have been served as rice and peas.

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Gods Child commented: do you have steamed veggies with fresh? It looks like an atkins diet yuk ... read 4 more

Plantain Tarts

written by owen, 2010-Mar-1

Yump. Its rare that any place does it right but Pastry Passions does it to perfection.

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Gods Child commented: never been able to figure out plantain tarts. . .is there really plantain inside? ... read 2 more

On The Menu: IslandGrill

written by owen, 2010-Mar-1

Eat Good meals

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Gods Child commented: sweet and sour fish? it any good? ... read 1 more

Bourbon Chicken $880 JMD

written by owen, 2010-Feb-21

It was ok, almost felt like I was getting drunk from it, was not enough on the plate to justify buying it a second time though. Apart from the rice and peas everything else is decoration. Cheaper to just buy a bottle of bourbon and do it yourself.

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Tami commented: Where'd you get this, it looks tasty. ... read 11 more

Satisfaction Only $550 JMD

written by owen, 2010-Feb-18

1 Festival, 3 pieces of ripe plantain, chicken leg and thigh, Callaloo rice, veges, packet of sauce and Soda = $550 JMD. Sunglasses not included. Well at least I am satisfied, not sure about other people. What you think? Hmm...Food Section?

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Gods Child commented: I could do with one less piece of chicken ... read 17 more

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