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Continental Breakfast, Cuba

written by owen, 2016-May-19

You can't really go wrong with a continental/buffet breakfast, especially since it was included in the hotel room package. It is like a choose your own food adventure. At the Hotel Vedado. Lunch and dinner are best eaten on the road. There are many eateries in Havana; except salty food, no take out containers and no condiments. As with food in any foreign country; expect the unexpected.

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Popeyes CrossRoads

written by owen, 2016-Mar-16

I seem to be making the rounds of the fast food outlets lately or maybe there are just more of them in town? Compared to KFC it's more well done.

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Jamaipanese commented: been going here once a week since it opened. Much better than KFC ... read 2 more

Curry Shrimp from Fishpot HWT

written by owen, 2016-Mar-10

545$ was good will go again. Slightly peppered. Shrimp and French fries is a thing.

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Tami commented: Im sorry, I visited this place once and it was too raw/ fishy for my liking. ... read 3 more

On the menu: mega mart mandeville

written by owen, 2016-Feb-8

Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken

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Wendys, Half Way Tree, Kingston

written by owen, 2016-Jan-13

Currently Wendy's is leading the race as the most expensive fast food joint you can visit in Jamaica. Don't buy any of the cheap items because they are basically kids meals. Shell out big or go home. It's good though will return next month or next year.

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Jamaipanese commented: take me with you next time -_- ... read 2 more

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