Low Life ( page 6 )

The ground we walk upon Submit a picture


written by owen, 2011-Oct-18

Seems to be late at night at a party or something



written by owen, 2011-Oct-18

On some beach downtown

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Tami commented: This is a very perverted shot, sneaking other fronts into the picture. [shocked] ... read 1 more

Black and White Veranda Tiles

written by owen, 2011-Sep-15

You can tell how old a house is by its vintage tiles.


Dirt Path

written by owen, 2011-Sep-14

Its impossible to grow anything along a place where people routinely walk. After a while the ground gets so compacted that not even water can seep into the ground.


Cutstone Steps

written by owen, 2011-Sep-10

Cutstone walls and floors are incredibly expensive not to mention time consuming to create but they last forever.


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