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Pictures of where you work, your cube, study or desk area. If you don't have any go out and get a job. post a photo of your workspace

the window behind me

written by Gods Child, 2007-Sep-11

While some workmen were mowing the lawn I shut the window to keep the noise out. I did it kind of hard so when I was walking away and I heard a "crack" I thought it was because I had been rough with the window. I figured they would make me pay for it. It turned out that a rock had gotten caught in the lawnmower and got shot back out at my window.

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written by owen, 2007-Aug-31

The late night toiling away at our little project.

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2007 08 26

written by owen, 2007-Aug-26

When the monitor died I bought a 19" but I'm already tired of it. And thats a 12" G5. SD ram is also hard to get these days.


2004 01 11

written by owen, 2007-Aug-25

nothing much has changed since 2004. My Dell 1.6 with 256mb of SD ram is still going strong. I hope MS doesn't force me to upgrade from win 2000 SP5.



written by Hayo, 2007-Jul-27

Where i spend most of my time when i'm not actually working.

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