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Owen does alot a stuff in his spear time, when he's not sleeping. A few are listed below;

Recent Projects

In the past I used to update this page but now main projects are maintained in the project listing and changes have been moved to the changelog category of this blog. The items below are simply kept here for posterity.

Nov 2012

Created a online news portal News Portal in php. Objective was to create a simple usable "newspaper like" interface to keep track of the many websites publishing news and opinions on Jamaica/Caribbean.

Newo Asteroids was released on wiibrew. A culminaion of 6 months of C programming and hashmaps.

Released Simple JQuery SlideShow/Carousel tool

Jamaica Elections 2011 - Manifesto Word Search

February 2011

Started writing video games in C on the Nintendo Wii hardware. I branded them under the "NewoGame" moniker. Created a separate game development focused blog. Writing C code on custom hardware was challenging at first but I eventually got a handle of how to manage complex entities in a limited space. I published 4 games using GRRLIB and devkitpro toolchain

March 2008

9/2/2008 4:34 PM The project archive is now located at /project/.

I'm moving the projects around will fix the links later.

Over the years I have been blogging I have gained a large nummber of Mastheads (56k warning, lol)

Old Updates

NEW 30 Sec Video (requires flash 8 plugin)

A simple HTTP Chatroom, why you ask? Because I can.

Old Flash project workshop. A list of over 300 incomplete/unedited bits flash [swf] files I had on my computer gathering dust. Very old expirements from back in the early begins of flash - when it just got cool.


The Discussion board. One of his more resent projects started May 17, 2002. It like this site is created using PHP and Mysql. But is more complicated and has bigger shoes to fill. Why you may ask? because he got a whole lot a free time. Plus he's pretty driven.

I'm not going to update this ever again. 8/1/2005 8:39 AM Most of the new code is integrated into /v4/ and I can't bother going thorough the old code.

Older but still unfinished

The Graphical User Interface - His attempt at writing a custom user interface for his PC. It is old school code. Probably more complicated than anything you have ever written in you entire life. Written in Turbo pascal 7.0 from early 1999. It utilises the BGI unit(last compiled in 1988,1993). Uses pointers, real OOP, polymorphism and programmatic constructs that you can only dream about.

This web site

  • Version 4 - aka v4 concept inspired by daniel bogan's website.

  • Version 3 - The previous version of this website based on a concept car from SAAB Automobiles.
  • Version 2 - This version was actually a page from the forum that I used as the index of the web site.
  • Version 1 - The flash website. He got tired of flash, so there are mostly old animations and effect projects at the site. Check out the projects section of that site.