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ICT Jamaica 2018 forecast-trends in Articles

Diedra B said; This all makes a whole lot of sense. Walled Garden business especially. Thanks. « Reply

Mad Bull said; I think you are probably right. Thanks for the heads up.
« Reply

Fern Gully in Low Life

Mad Bull said; Wow! Not even one likkle piece of fern in the picture. False advertising! « Reply

King of Sorrow in Logbook

Mad Bull said; That bit about driving in Jamdown.... « Reply

10 reasons why expensive enterprise software gets replaced in Articles

Axello said; I think number two is the most obvious and I’ve seen it happen with the new software having the same old bugs that the older software *used* to have. (But they were fixed).
I think everyone who wants to rewrite big enterprise software should read “The mythical man-month” first.

yeah! first post after four years!! « Reply

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